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Top 49 best mobile games of 2021

Alvaro Salazar
18 min read

You don't need to pay a large amount of money to play a decent game. In fact, you don't have to pay anything for it.

Best mobile games of 2021

The rise of mobile phones has made many mobile game designers bet on this type of portable scenarios as their main method of business through paid games.

However, others continue to offer the world the possibility to participate in their creations totally free. Although there are amazing paid games for Android on Google Play, whose designers undoubtedly deserve every penny of the cost of their titles, not everyone is going to pay for them.

Therefore, in this list we will incorporate the best mobile games of 2021 that you can download and play for free.

Top 49 best mobile games of 2021

Here we will leave you with the updated list of the most recent mobile games and their download links.

Each of them can be downloaded completely freely from Google Play, so you don't have to download the APKs of the games to download for free on your mobile.

It is quite significant that most of them are ad-free games, so you will not have the problem of promotions when playing. Obviously, there are some that incorporate micropayments that, however, will not prevent you from appreciating them.

A significant number of the games on this list also do not need to have an internet connection, although in case that is what stresses you the most, we invite you to visit our article on the best Android games to play without internet association that It will be published soon.

1. NieR Re [in] carnation

NieR Re [in] carnation is an adult RPG created by Square Enix that expands the powerful universe of NieR with another story loaded with investigation and strategic battle. The work of the renowned Yoko Taro, its interactivity and fighting framework will catch you from the beginning.

2. Magic: The Gathering Arena

The exemplary game Magic now has its form for Android.

It is a title that "virtualizes" the exemplary experience of this game, offering the possibility of facing different players from all over the world in online games, where you will have to face others of a similar level.

In addition, Magic: The Gathering Arena offers the possibility to play against the AI to rehearse before launching into the war zone.

3. League of Legends: Wild Rift

To the surprise of many, Riot Games' adaptation of the LoL for laptop flawlessly brings back the incarnation of the well-known MOBA, making it more open than ever through one of the most mind-blowing free versatile games we've come across lately.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a 5v5 combat methodology game with streamlined controls for touch screens.

4. Genshin Impact

The best mobile game of 2021. It is very simple. Genshin Impact has altered the gaming landscape since its inception, becoming the most progressive free RPG, with the best designs and the most refined continuous interaction that we have ever encountered in a versatile game.

Its plot tells the story of two twins who, because of a cunning divinity, have been isolated and forced to fall into a deep rest. The genuine thing will be, obviously, to recover our dear brother — or sister — traveling the land mass of Teyvat.

It's a game with wonderful illustrations and sounds — with incredible motivation in Zelda: Breath of The Wild, easy-to-use controls, and a fully crafted story. The game is downloadable, even though it contains in-app installments.

5. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

The popular game from The Witcher universe that we originally found in The Witcher III currently has its versatile variant. And surprisingly better: it's completely free.

In GWENT, we will face the AI or different players from around the world, to end up getting the most remarkable deck of all.

6. Sky: Children of Light

The creators of the popular Journey have another free game that deserves to be featured.

Sky takes us to a realm that must be investigated by the Children of Light, with the goal of returning the stars to their comparative celestial bodies.

The game maintains a comparative taste with Journey, with chosen designs and sounds that involve us in a continuous interaction of investigation from which it will be difficult to get out.

7. Legends of Runeterra

Uproar Games, the organization behind the popular League of Legends, offers us its card-based procedural game that you can play absolutely free from your mobile.

Legends of Runeterra is a game driven by the LOL universe, in which the real thing will be to accumulate the best deck to dominate the number of matches that it is reasonable to expect and reach the top.

8. Maze Machina

This incredible procedural game, chosen by Google as one of the most amazing rounds of Android of 2020, proposes a small world full of mazes that must be finished to get away from the traps of the insidious "Automatron".

Labyrinth Machina teams up with a swipe-dependent repairman to move the tiles around the 4 x 4 matrix. Along this line, we'll perform endless mixes of strategic strikes, guards, and vital moves.

9. Call of Duty: Mobile

It could not be missed: after its shipment in 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile became one of the best portable games in history, for its ability to offer a gaming experience comparable to that of the most recent portions of the control center of this effective adventure.

To this day, Call of Duty: Mobile is the most played shooter on Android, and one of the most beloved assaults in the local Android customer area. Also, in fact, it is completely free.

10. Timeless Summer

It may have gone pretty unnoticed amidst the huge arrivals of the current months, but Eternal Summer is a free game worth your consideration.

It is a realistic novel starring Semyon, a habitual young man, who, starting with one day and going through the next, ends up being inundated with an experience that will lead him to achieve what has really happened, and how he can return to his previous life in case that's really your destination.

11. The Frostrune

Made by a group of engineers who are enthusiastic about Nordic culture, The Frostrune is an experience title in which our main objective is to investigate an abandoned island full of secrets.

It has handmade designs, and its creators guarantee that each of the components has been faithfully reproduced based on archaeological sources. Without a doubt, an absolutely free little show that deserves to be tried.

12. Transmission

Transmission is a great puzzle game to take a break. With more than 70 different levels, isolated in 7 unlockable universes, this relaxed title urges us to interconnect the different foci to carry out more well-founded exchanges and organizations, and thus obtain more than 140 stars scattered among the different levels.

13. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

One more of the incredible arrivals of 2019 was that of The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The title of Bethesda, round designer of this equivalent adventure as Skyrim, was dispatched last year as a round of prison investigation and third-person combat, with slick illustrations and great interactivity.

14. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Also, speaking of successes, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite could not be absent from this review. The supposed "replacement for Pokémon GO" appeared on Android after a huge delay, and from now on it is conceivable to hit the roads in search of foundables.

15. Stranger Things: The Game

Although generally games dependent on movies or television series have not been entirely well-received by society in general, there are always special cases. What's more, the authority of the Stranger Things game is probably the best model.

Almost three years after its delivery, Stranger Things: The Game is still a fun title dedicated to the famous Netflix series. Also, despite the fact that he has not managed to cool down, any moment is a fun opportunity to finish his story.

16. Black-top 9: Legends

It may not reach the grade of GRID, the best racing game for Android, however Asphalt 9: Legends is so far perhaps the most ideal option within the class of vehicle games existing on Android. In addition, it is fully allowed to download it.

17. Basic operations

With more than 50 million players worldwide, Critical Ops is arguably the best-known first-person shooter for Android. A title that has practically nothing to envy others like Call of Duty Mobile, and that for some is the ideal versatile variant of the fruitful Counter Strike adventure.

18. Another EDEN

Chosen by the Google Play editors as one of the most prominent RPGs accessible on Android, Another Eden proposes a past-existence undertaking, passing within our reach the mission of saving the population from an almost lost future.

19. Vainglory

Another free game chosen by the publishers of Google Play is Vainglory. Its creators characterize it as a multi- stage MOBA with the essential depth and mechanical experience that you can expect from a PC title, but that can be played from any gadget, anytime, anywhere.

20. Thunder Stars Soccer

Thunder Stars Soccer is one of the best time trial soccer games for Android that exist on Google Play.

In it, we face different players from around the world in continuous coordinates, holding only a couple of moments, where the mission will obviously be to mark how many objectives can be expected under the circumstances.

21. Tacticool — 5v5 shooter

Another free multiplayer game worth challenging is Tacticool. It is a shooter that proposes 5 against 5 confrontations in which we can navigate through many weapons and vehicles.

22. Tennis Clash

There is life beyond soccer and ball. Truth be told, Tennis Clash is perhaps the best game title on all of Google Play.

Besides that it is not difficult to learn and master: this multiplayer tennis match offers us the possibility of participating in competitions with players from all over the world. In addition, as the matches last about 2 or 3 minutes, it is an ideal game for any circumstance.

23. Mario Kart Tour

Nor could one of the most anticipated of 2019 be missing: Mario Kart Tour recovers the essence of the exceptionally well-known racing game and offers it to us in a vertical arrangement.

Nothing to do with other Nintendo titles, the versatile interpretation of Mario Kart can be downloaded free of charge, and there is no need to pay to progress in the game.

24. Automatic chess

The improved variant of the exemplary chess game. Our main task is to deliberately put the characters on the board, and ensure that they figure out how to overcome the opponent's characters. Auto Chess is a free multiplayer game that guarantees long periods of fun.

25. Fight Stars

It hit Google Play towards the end of 2018, and it only took half a month to become one of the most famous games on Google Play. Fight Stars, the most recent creation of Supercell, is undoubtedly one of the most prominent free games accessible on Google Play.

This is an activity game that offers fun 3v3 multiplayer -or not- fights, with more than 20 characters to explore, each with different abilities and unique assaults. In case you haven't tried it yet, don't miss our Brawl Stars Newbie Handbook, and in case you think you're already an accomplished gamer, do your research on these 7 stunts to be awesome.

26. Alto's Odyssey

Regardless of the time that has passed since its appearance: Alto's Oddysey has been, is and will be one of the most outstanding free games — and that also do not need an Internet association — that you can download on Google Play.

Actually, as in the rest of the adventure titles, in this game you must accompany Alto in his experiences, through an endless adventure in the snow through great scenarios.

27. Pokémon GO

One more of the games that cannot be missing in this cluster of the best free titles is Pokémon GO. It's one of the most downloaded games ever, and it's not a huge surprise.

Despite a long time since its shipment, Pokémon GO continues to restore itself through updates, occasions, and new highlights that appear long after the week.

28. Fortnite Battle Royale

However, in case there is a game that can snatch Pokémon GO's high position as the most played title on handheld, that's Fortnite. The fight royale second to none came to Android in mid-2018, to allow clients of the Google framework to appreciate 100-player fights in a comprehensive guide, where only one can make merit.

One detail to keep in mind is that mainly a few mobiles are viable with Fortnite on Android. In case yours is one of them, it would be convenient that you do not miss our help with the 5 best tricks to start playing.

29. PUBG Mobile

Competing head-to-head with Fortnite, and surprisingly wonderful by some perspectives, is PUBG Mobile.

This wartime fight royale is one of the best-known rounds out there apart from everything else, and luckily for everyone, it tends to be downloaded and played totally free. In addition, with our manual of weapons, vehicles, flourishes and stunts, you will become the best.

30. Lemmings

They are back! The legendary Lemmings are back in the form of a phenomenal laid-back vertical game, where your mission is to save as many animals as reasonable and keep them from falling into deep darkness.

31. Q12 Trivia

Q12 Trivia is not just an amazing free game. In it, you can also get up to 2,000 euros in just over two minutes.

In this round of questions and answers, the prizes are absolutely genuine money, which can earn you up to 500 euros each day, essentially for answering accurately the various questions posed in each game.

32. Royale mobile

Despite its name, Mobile Royale has almost nothing to do with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. This great methodology game welcomes us to a dream country with three-dimensional illustrations, multiplayer and progressive online battles.

33. Helix jump

Lovers of laid-back games are most likely going to appreciate Helix Jump.

This free game, which has added more than 100 million establishments, offers a generally basic technique that consists of taking the ball quite far without hitting the impediments, but as we advance through the levels it becomes more tangled until it becomes a game terribly addictive.

34. Pokémon Quest

The most recent dependent part of the Pokémon universe cannot be missing in any case. Pokémon Quest is totally different from the well-known Pokémon GO, however that does not mean that it deserves less consideration.

In this experience title, you will have to investigate all over the island of Rodacubo in search of new Pokémon, saved fortunes and different shocks that will be found while framing a group of pocket beasts, which will obviously be used to face other Pokémon.

35. Zombie Guard

Chosen as one of the most incredible free games for Android according to the editors of Google Play, Zombie Guard sneaks into our determination due to its amazing and exhilarating mechanics, which consists of killing the number of zombies that can be expected under the circumstances and preventing they gobble us up and take responsibility for the city.

36. Foul play 2

A game that should not be missing on the laptop of any fan of the DC universe is Injustice 2.

In this battle game, it will be possible to unite probably the most well-known legends and antagonists in the universe, and thus form the most impressive group to defeat the adversaries.

37. Wonder Strike Force

In any case, if Marvel legends are your thing, don't miss the opportunity to try Marvel Strike Force, a battle game that puts at our disposal the best-known saints and evils that have appeared from the beginning in comics and movies films.

38. Garena Free Fire

Brought into the world determined to rival Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, it has become one of the most amazing activity games accessible for Android.

Garena Free Fire takes us to a tremendous island where, along with 50 other players, we must fight to get ahead and become the only survivor. Currently, it has collected more than 100 million downloads through Google Play.

39. Very Phantom Cat

An entrepreneurship game with retro illustrations and starring a feline, do you really need anything else to convince you that this would say is one of the best free games you can download?

In Super Phantom Cat, our main objective will be to finish each of the levels by overcoming the stages and obstacles that will appear on the way, until finally reaching the Phantom World.

40. The way

Remarkable creator Peter Molyneux dazzles us again, this time with The Trail, an impressive game of experience with careful designs down to the smallest detail, where we must investigate, manufacture, gather, exchange, find and assemble.

41. Assassin's Creed Mobile

The main official RPG of the Assassin's Creed adventure for mobile is one of the best games that you can play for nothing on Android. You must create your own brotherhood, having at your disposal assassins like Ezio, Aguilar or Shao Jun.

42. Clash of Clans

Now I don't think it's important to clarify why Clash of Clans is probably the best game out there in any versatile setting.

The main thing you need to know is that it is free, and assuming you haven't joined the large number of individuals who constantly play it, I have absolutely no idea what you are expecting.

43. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

In addition, for b-ball lovers, Electronics Arts offers NBA Live Mobile, a game in which it will be possible to lead a group full of NBA stars to the top, strategizing and shaping a superior and better group.


The popular ROBLOX, a multiplayer activity experience game in which large numbers of players respectively coexist to assemble colossal universes, is also an absolute must.

What's more, it will be possible to participate in the different scale games included, alter your characters and much more.

45. Drive and Park

In Drive and Park you must demonstrate your driving skills, controlling a vehicle that you must leave correctly to pass each level.

In each of the universes, you will want to open new vehicles as you progress through the different levels, even though it will be progressively difficult to get the highest score.

46. Flip Range

Practice your acrobatic skills and perform incredible jumps, without going out into the city or jeopardizing your confidence.

Flip Range is a parkour game in which the objective is to get as many spotlights as possible according to the circumstances with each trick.

It keeps all the three-dimensional designs, and the game controls are basic and natural.

47. Games of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Although more than a year has passed since its culmination, Game of Thrones continues to raise expectations. To such an extent that his portable game is still one of the best known.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is the authority role-playing game from the award-winning HBO series. It is a completely free game, although it is possible to pay to open some components.

48. Hellrider 3

The third part of the Hellrider adventure is actually one of the best moments of the establishment, and at the same time one of the most outstanding free rounds of 2021.

This is a Mario Kart-style racing game, with 3D illustrations and brimming with game modes, each with good moments.

49. Orbia

In this election there is also room for other loosening games, and among them Orbia is one of the most famous titles of this class.

Orbia consists of evading all the impediments that you can in each level, causing diverse mixtures of contacts that allow you to reach the objective.

Everything you need to know to choose your new mobile game

When it comes to buying or getting a new and fun game for our mobile, we are a bit demanding with what Google Play can offer us, however, there is a wide variety of excellent games to entertain you while we wait for the bus or just have fun.

When we choose a game to download we only look at its description and comments, but sometimes when we test the game it is not the same as what we are offered before downloading it. For this reason, here in this article we show you the best mobile games that you can find in Google Play.

What you have to do is watch some gameplays and find out about their story, gameplay and more.


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