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Remove any innuendo or insult that offends the LGBTQ + community from Grand Theft Auto Series

Alvaro Salazar
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The Grand Theft Auto series has been constantly surrounded by discussions. His acidic perspective on American culture and the way he presents some of the American street dramatizations have served to bring him into the limelight of some major groups.

Remove any innuendo or insult that offends the LGBTQ + community from Grand Theft Auto Series
Grand Thef Auto V

This has led some media and relationship researchers to ponder the effect its substance can have on society and how much Rockstar can add to killing hurtful generalizations that cause agony for many individuals.

At this event, GamesIndustry has repeated an open letter sent by Out Making Games to Rockstar, requesting the studio to explode from the reissue on PS5 and Xbox X Series X | S to remove homophobic components from their game.

Who are Out Making Games?

Out Making Games is a British association of designers who battle for the privileges of the LGBTQ + collective, and their letter was supported by an article distributed by Kotaku in which this equivalent opportunity is probed, raising the problem with the components that Rockstar recalled for the game of 2013 and that would serve to sustain destructive generalizations.

In the letter, they suggest the text of Carolyn Petit to discuss the purposeful consideration of trans and different- sex generalizations to urge players to be rejected by them, going to such an extent that they appreciate hurting and killing them.

Out Making Games is committed to Rockstar's social obligation regarding the social effect GTA V has on the entire planet. In Carolyn Petit's article, the possibility is raised both of changing the transphobic parts of the game and of providing the player with an optimal setting for society.

GTA V will appear on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in March 2022 after reporting its postponement at the last PlayStation Showcase, with a trailer that was cruelly rebuked by the general public.


Grand Theft Auto V is an open world action experience computer game created by Rockstar North studio and released by Rockstar Games. It was delivered on September 17, 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

This was an iconic game for many generations. In this game there are many scenes in which discrimination, violence and drugs are a bit strong, however, this game was one of the most played by children between 12 and 15 years old.

The game offers a great story and an online mode where players could quietly have fun or play cooperative missions.

It is a very incredible third person game, an exceptional city, it has excellent details and it is still played and loved by many people after the great GTA SA.