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Rockstar Games remasters the best open world games ever

Alvaro Salazar
5 min read

There are computer games to which you offer so many hours that when you start the game you almost feel at ease. Others convey the inclination that they have already offered you everything they could give you when you avoid the last few credits.

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Rockstar Games

GTA San Andreas has a place in the first feature that I mention, but on the other hand we are all aware that nothing we do will give us back the great experience that was playing it for the first time.

The Kingdom of Rockstar Games

Notably, Rockstar Games has mastered the troublesome specialty of making rough-and-tumble games that continually support freestyle.

He has done school and continues to set the norm, standing above the rest with open and completely interesting maps that end up trapping you until you become part of them.

Furthermore, the way in which he has prolonged his latest adventures after his dispatch is something that deserves some respect.

An achievement that was achieved with Grand Theft Auto III, culminated with its spin-offs and, after 20 years, it returns with its conclusive version. Safeguarding its particular status as the living history of computer games.

Further, enhancing their undisputed status as practically immortal works of art. Which is not really incessant in games released after the generation change.

What they showed us in the trailer makes us wait a long time

However, when we see the trailer for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition what stands out the most was not the restored appearance of Claude, Tommy and CJ, the heroes of each game; but the measure of hours, babydoll and collectibles that flood the piece.

The unforgettable Grove Street

Although we have played GTA III many times, we all recognize that Vice City and San Andreas are two extremely unique games for our generation. Not only because they each spend months and ridiculous measures of time on them, but because they are important to fans for this trilogy.

They are games that, both independently and as a whole, deserve and must be safeguarded and restored, that in reality have numerous and great stories and stories to contribute based on their sandbox part. The experience of wandering capriciously along its paths or vandalizing until the score is finished with stars. A mode of resistance? Perhaps the most recognized way to close the game in style.

The moment you retain the button mix that makes a tank fall from the sky, not only does it show the importance of the Rockstar sandbox experience, but the experience becomes the zero point of the activity.

Go back to a game to which you have given everything or start another or one that you had pending?

This remasters put us in a somewhat difficult dispute, since we do not know whether to return to Vice City one more time. Possibly, for not reopening that Pandora's box or perhaps because of playing new things.

The games are wonderful, yet we are all in very different stages than when these great games came out. Seeing Carl Johnson and Tommy Vercetti in the authorized adaptation of the GTA Trilogy is practically similar to finding without suspecting that your old companions have grown more than you had imagined.

In any case, I admit that, seeing us as we are, we would have loved that, beyond the visual push, Rockstar had given the part new substance with which, rather than remembering what I have played from now on, trying not to feel the vulnerability that I will do the same thing again just like years ago.

What does this new version offer us?

Licensed versions will offer a Grand Theft Auto V -style signaling and control framework, and that's a generally excellent point, however I'm discussing components that welcome me to get the story the last point we remember or find the maps particular openings from a different point of view.

Something that Rockstar does very well: there we have the wildest of GTA : Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The chances that, at this age, after we already felt the brutality of feelings when they betrayed CJ or Tommy's triumph, that we will finish each of the three games or any of them are practically nil.

It will not be seen with eyes or point of view similar to those we completed years before.

From now on there might not be a surprise factor or components to find and all of us who miss adventures like these wish that the content had not been removed given the times in which we live.

The time has come to talk about Grand Theft Auto VI and Rockstar knows it well. In addition, despite the fact that there is nothing that warms the air of another installment the relaunch, for this situation the shots go for the new update of GTA V.

And finally, even with those, and without a positive fix, it is obvious to me that returning to GTA3, Vice City or San Andreas, in any case, for a short period, is in excess of a trip to natural places to continue with negative oddities.

It is a meeting our versions of long ago. Obviously, with each of the missions to be done in 4K.

This will be completely awesome. We are waiting on November 11 for the arrival of this incredible remastering, hopefully Rockstar will think about its old players and add some new content to us so that it is not more of the same.

Xbox Game Pass users are looking forward to this release with gamer eagerness and on all the other platforms for which they updated this great game I bet there are millions of people waiting for the incredible moment when they can see their favorite characters with their new animations. This has become a throwback in time.