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Sony is sued for gender discrimination

Andy Vilchez
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The division of Sony Interactive Entertainment (the division in charge of manufacturing the PlayStation) has suffered a lawsuit by a former employee for gender discrimination.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Recently, a lawsuit by a former PlayStation employee against the company came to light. The applicant alleges that gender discrimination against women is promoted within the Japanese company.

He has also sued due to his dismissal, which he considers to be inadmissible, since it was in retaliation for issuing a series of complaints against the company.

The applicant is a former IT security analyst who belonged to PlayStation. Last Monday this lawsuit was brought to light, which was against the company located in the United States.

In the lawsuit, the woman alleges that during her stay in the company, she alleges that the discrimination was not only against her person, but that all the other employees of the company suffer the same.

According to statements, the company alleged that her dismissal was due to the closure of the department in which she worked.

A possible class action lawsuit

In the same way, the affected party has opened the possibility that the lawsuit could escalate to a collective one, and that is that many workers would be suffering employment discrimination just because they are women. It would only remain on the part of the court if it approves the change of your lawsuit to a collective one.

Sony could be facing a collective compensation for these women. This would represent a loss of millions of dollars in court costs and compensation.

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Sony es demandada por discriminación de género
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