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Sony Santa Monica is developing God Of War: Ragnarök in an external studio

Alvaro Salazar
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Sony says that the studio behind the game is a very experienced designer in this type of task.

Sony Santa Monica is developing God Of War: Ragnarök in an external studio
God Of War: Ragnarök

It has been released hours before it will be reported with authority, but Kratos will be the next PlayStation character to make a major appearance on PC. He will do so with God of War, his 2018 game, a kind of reasonable reboot that continues the story of his hero.

Following Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition and Days Gone, this PC adaptation has not been created by any Sony studio. The Japanese organization itself has affirmed this in a statement sent to Arstechnica.

Sony Santa Monica is managing the company, although the designer handling the transformation is Jetpack Interactive, a Canadian studio located in Vancouver with some experience in ports.

Zombies: Garden Warfare II, Dark Souls 2 on PC, and some NBA Live games. VGC also noted that one of Jetpack's senior software engineers points out on his LinkedIn that it is essential to the advancement of God of War : Ragnarök, recommending a possible PC form later on.

The arrival of this great game will be in January

God of War will arrive on January 14 on Steam and Epic Games Store, with an estimated price of 49.99 euros / $. It will include the innovation of NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex, although it will also add other graphical improvements and support for super-wide screens, among other new elements.

The story takes us to Nordic folklore, a place known to the Vikings. Kratos and his son Atreus live in a harsh place, frankly cold and fraught with risks.

It will not take long for them to be immersed in another experience, which will build their relationship as they find more about themselves. This title coordinated by Cory Barlog begins another adventure, which will close with the continuation.

God of War : Ragnarök will be the outcome of the plot of this folklore, although the adventure will not conclude. Reserved for PS4 and PS5, nothing has been said about a theoretical PC version yet.

God of War is the resurrection of the popular Sony Santa Monica activity experience for PlayStation 4 and PC that continues with the incredible Spartan Kratos ventures and the results of his activities.

This portion, prevalently known as God of War 4, will happen after the occasions that occurred in God of War 3, however, this time it has been decided to supplant the legends of Greek folklore as a plot system, by Nordic folklore, in addition to including someone else: Kratos son.

The GOW: Ragnarök will be a completely substantial game in the PC version. This especially for lovers of this incredible title, great gameplay, graphics and not eliminating any type of content for the new version is expected.

We can say that it will be much better than playing it on the console, since we have better control of the player, and it will not be so tiring to experiment through the maps, because on the console you have to be with the sprint button and the dual forward shock.