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These are the best survival games

Alvaro Salazar
20 min read

There are many survival games that you can appreciate on PC. In this article we have gathered what we consider to be the best in this category.

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Survival games

You'll see a myriad of changed titles, from zombie apocalypse to deadly shipwrecks to dinosaurs and space odyssey. Stamina has several aspects, so you are sure to find your next game to play.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is not the cleanest game of the class, however it is perhaps the most attractive and famous of the end of the year. It has many elements that enhance the survival experience, all set on a risky island full of dinosaurs. What's more, think that, you can tame and ride them!

To stay alive you have to have food and water, and adapt to changes in temperature. Regardless of whether you separate from the PC, you are still on the planet, so build buildings and houses to stay safe.

You can farm and frame clans with different players, more than suggested in light of the fact that a game does not forgive any mistakes. Make partners!

Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together

The mission is simple: don't starve. However, there are an inordinate number of risks in Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together!

This game never takes you by the hand, but instead places you in a randomly created world and moves you to defeat each of the disasters. How? Through searching for goods, setting big fires, investigating remote locations, and hunting creatures.

Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together is an overwhelming and troublesome game with a superb craftsmanship style that puts things in place flawlessly.


In Rust, you start from the lowest and most humble, absolutely exposed, getting rocks and wood until you can unload and a couple of weapons. You chase down and get some clothes. You investigate and meet another player who is not friendly.

Plus, before you know it, you've had the option to build a strong village, form alliances, and become the most punishing survivor.

It's multiplayer, so you're generally keeping an eye out for human risks, just in case the wild creatures weren't enough. It has a decent crafting instrument, with an emphasis on construction.

If you dedicate enough opportunities to him, you will see that it is normal to frame meetings and player bases. It is up to you to decide on the participation of others, or your absolute control on the map.


Valheim is the great gift of 2021, and it is not to be expected that it has become so famous. It has everything to prevail as one of the best survival games : a fascinating Nordic world that is created randomly, a great crafting framework, great battles with defined supervisors included, and support for enjoyable gameplay.

We play a person who must take the petition to Valheim. For this, we need to defeat Odin's opponents, however the path is not really basic.

We have to deal with the people who want to kill us along the way, get by in unfriendly conditions, and figure out how to go about winning or riding a wide range of things and structures.

Pontoons and ships are rudimentary in our current reality, where investigating is never exhausting, and we suggest playing Valheim with companions.

Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero

The main thing we will say about Subnautica is that it is an adorable game... in any case, it is a dangerous delight. We jump (pun intended) to an alien submerged world in which life abounds, and the task is to investigate the depths. Wildlife is surprisingly deadly from the start, so we have to give it our all to get ahead.

What you really want is to cover as you go, and for this you must look for assets and materials in every corner. You can also ride maritime vehicles, essential to enter dark places or places loaded with hungry ocean animals.


In The Forest you play as a survivor of a plane crash, who has the mishap of ending up in a lush region full of monstrous man-eaters.

As the days go by, the game makes you feel like someone is constantly on the prowl, ready to assault you when you drop your guardian. In the end, it will be up to you to flee or face the enemies.

Forest puts a great accent on making weapons, building camps, and putting up big fires to constantly fight for your life.

The presence of savages is a substantial danger at all times, but don't let that stop you from investigating.

Truth be told, being insightful and looking at new places will help you not only locate more asylums, but also track down pieces of information about the island's array of experiences.


Minecraft is extremely large, that is valid, but that does not imply that it never puts us in a difficult situation. The game gives us an amazing experience when it comes to making and crafting things.

Towards the end of the day, all of this helps us do what Minecraft invites us to do: get ahead. The moment you don't dare to wait any longer, the home may end up being attacked by animals, all said, and the night is not protected.

There are many types of enemies and their practices and qualities are worth getting to know well. Also, much of the central point of the game is in the investigation.

Assuming you need your excursion through the sinkholes to be effective, it would be prudent if you were fully prepared with various assets suitable for use. If not, you will have a very bad time.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine puts you on the difficult task of dealing with a gathering of ordinary citizens in a climate torn by conflict.

Goods are scarce, so every choice, move, and resource made can involve life and death. Characters need food, shelter, and medication, and for this you must investigate carefully.

Sniper experts watch the roads during the day and normal people are not exactly your companion.

Knowing when to interact with other survivors, especially to trade things, is a fundamental piece of This War of Mine methodology. Be assured that few things will go wrong, as war is tough.


You wake up on a raft, in a tremendous sea, parched and hungry. The Raft motif consistently catches the eye of any individual who enjoys the endurance type.

He may not be extremely confident, but it's all a matter of research and a touch of karma.

For a better experience you can play Raft on a PC, as it is a lot of fun to search for assets together and make alterations. That's one more part of the game that you really like: in addition to worrying about looking for food and drinking water, your raft can transform into a monstrous ship.

It is all a subject of creative mind, persistence and intuition within one of the best survival games.


RimWorld is a difficult game to clarify in a few words, due to the multitude of options and potential results that it incorporates. You will be responsible for colonizing another planet with a group of pioneers who are not specialists, far from it.

It is an absolutely new climate for them, so you must help them get food, build, research and bear a multitude of risks.

An incredible feature of the game is the presence of a narrative AI that, depending on the individual, will create a progression of circumstances or other complicated situations.

If all goes well, you can even start families. In any case, the game offers much more than this, but it is better that you see it with your own eyes.


Terraria are known as the Minecraft of 2D. With universes created at random, research is essential in this computer game. Assuming you have to be a fruitful adventurer and a survivor prepared to take all risks.

In Terraria, you will meet various characters who will help you on your excursion. Building safe houses and rooms is essential to welcoming these characters into your small town.

Any help is important, as Terraria's cunning animals are hard to beat.

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a game in which cold and scarcity are the main protagonists. You will have to overcome the risks of the Canadian winter, in huge regions where you will feel helpless.

A few creatures will stay with you, however they will sometimes try to eat you. You must look for food, weapons and shelter before holding out.

Probably the best thing about The Long Dark is that it incorporates both Survival mode and Story mode. The above capabilities as a free game where you basically investigate and do whatever you can. For this situation, death is long-lasting.

Green hell

Green Hell is a great resistance game that leaves you abandoned in the Amazon jungle, in isolation. Tropical conditions include a ton of stickiness and the presence of wildlife as rich as it is sometimes alarming.

Apart from figuring out how to make fire, take refuge in caves and cheat, in Green Hell you will have to take into account something different... Your mental state.

In Green Hell you can lose your mental stability, and this is nothing typical in games. Not only will you run the risk of losing your appetite or thirst, but you will also have to treat your injuries and illnesses at different events.

To do this, the game incorporates a body examination framework, which is valuable. The Green Hell also has a nice mode, ideal if you like to have some organization in these unfavorable conditions.

Oxygen Not Included

In Oxygen Not Included you are in charge of a settlement, but this time you live inside a space rock.

As you can imagine, in a climate like this there is not much oxygen, so you prefer not to waste that asset.

In any case, the perspective of resistance goes much further; you really need to monitor food, water, energy, and gases.

At that point, making a full base is not enough. The occupants need to function and live in fair conditions. If not, there will be numerous setbacks.


Grounded is a survival game that features an intriguing proposition. We supervise young people who have become small, even an insect is bigger.

Grounded's universe responds to your activities, so you must endure with cunning and constantly adjust.

The game urges you to accept assets while searching or building your asylum.

Sometimes have to fight creatures that are currently scary because of their size. Luckily, you can craft tools and weapons to defy the dangers of Grounded as a whole.

Dying Light

Maybe Dying Light doesn't quite fit the principles of the class, but it's a more than incredible game.

This title tests your skills over and over again in a world overrun by zombies that deserves the most terrible bad dreams.

Parkour is one of the main components of the game, as it moves quickly through the landscape. You will actually want to fight, obviously, but normally you will have to flee.

The game is driven by a fundamental story, so the speed goes up and down from time to time. It is important to use each of the weapons and objects available to try not to be contaminated.

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is perhaps the most comprehensive game you will find for the class of the best survival games, even though it is exceptionally high on requirements.

Before you is an immense landscape to investigate and support more than 50 different types of zombies. It has the most impressive creation system, so you will not lack resources to make it out alive.

There is a monstrous assortment when it comes to crafting things and developing structures, to such an extent that there are many varieties of blueprints and types of squares or blocks.

Added to this are the RPG components, since you can acquire skills and increase credits, and shooter-type interactivity. As should be obvious, 7 Days to Die is an extraordinary mix of classes with resistance as an establishment.

NEO Scavenger

Don't let its visual appearance alarm you. NEO Scavenger is a decent survival game on its own. Under the lack of effort in its designs hides a title rich in options and highlights that has nothing to envy to other games.

In fact, it is one of the most troublesome games in the class.

NEO Scavenger is turn based, and each progression must be highly esteemed. You can not stop taking a look at the state of your person, since any sprain, ailment or neglected thirst can play a joke on you.

You will invest a ton of energy in researching and looting the goods. You will have the option to chase and fight, obviously, although you will see that sometimes it is smarter to flee or stow away.


Despite the fact that Frostpunk is a game that leans substantially more towards the city-building class, it is an unmitigated survival challenge.

The freezing cold takes action to overwhelm what remains of humanity, and you must stop it.

To do this, you must curb steam innovation, bring warmth to your relatives, and make sure they stay happy, confident in a superior future.

Goods are scarce, so it is essential to go out and look for them. The problem?. Sending campaigns can be a terrible choice, since it all depends on how and when.

Managing the last stronghold of humanity is an intense task and there will be times when individuals will even come out to disagree. Will you show an iron hand or a kind heart?


Astroneer is a fascinating game in which you investigate seven planets in a distant planetary group. It allows you to voluntarily change territory and investigate both the entire surface and the underground universes.

Gather assets to build vehicles, new bases, and populate planets. Also, when you're ready, it's an ideal opportunity to find the secrets of the nearby planetary group.

In this title you can also play with help, having the option to enter and exit the games at any time. There is much to discover and unravel on each planet to see if life can really be made on it — any help is welcome.


Barotrauma is an endless survival game, which is attractive to play in organization. The explanation is basic: your teammates can be your best partners or your most terrible adversaries.

Each game provides you with an alternate situation inside a submarine, with changing missions that you must complete. The risks are different: fearsome beasts that will not show you any benevolence, mistakes in the submarine, lack of assets.

You must use your brain to be successful, do things well and always be vigilant. Please note: even your dearest companion can cheat on you in Barotrauma.

Zomboid project

Passing is unavoidable in Project Zomboid, so the question is not if you will bite the dust, but how long you will figure out how to cope.

In this survival game, light, perception and sound are important points of view to try not to be eaten by zombies.

However, in addition to having to stay alive in a world full of zombies, you also have to take care of yourself.

You will have to figure out how to cook, grow crops and even be a carpenter, as well as manage problems such as misery, disease and the lack of light.

Project Zomboid doesn't forgive you sitting around doing nothing; keep moving and working on your survival. The moment the zombies start to get really close.

Conan exiles

If Conan himself has saved your life from an unavoidable step, how could you give it back to him?

At Conan Exiles, we strive to restore greatness to our family by conquering dominions.

To do this, we must investigate a reality in which cold or heat can be as deadly as enemies and wild beasts, and that implies riding and planning each battle in a big way.

Conan Exiles can be a straightforward round of survival and investigation, as there are so many insider remains to find. In any case, it goes beyond supporting an antagonistic world, and leads us to group fights, attacks, city building and protection against the assaults of the beasts.


Another game with zombies as the main enemy, and for nothing you will play as one of the exceptional few (or numerous if you play on the web) that are still among the living.

Aside from staying away from or killing the Tainted, Unturned takes you through various regions brimming with survival methods. Hunting, fishing and looking for organic products is an important part of the game, but there is much more.

In Unturned you will find characters with whom you can talk and understand the game's story more easily. If you play multiplayer, you will want to line up with different players and set up your own fortifications.

Not all people will be well-disposed, so confrontations will have to be taken into account. Your choice will be as follows: will you face different players to loot their goods, or will you help them endure the end of the zombie world?


It is an ideal opportunity to save the universe. Or again to colonize new planets. Or also to become the best landowner.

To be an ultimate animal tracker or the best authority on ancient internal facts. As you may have speculated, there are numerous ways to play Starbound, and all of them are correct.

In this game there is a lot to do and unlimited stories to compose.

In fact, you will want to craft many items that will fill you with some needs, such as new equipment, incredible weapons, and even furniture.

You will have your own spaceship with which to investigate to the ends of the universe. Obviously, if you need the game to have a stamina part, make sure to play in Survival mode.


DayZ was a very famous game in survival rankings.

The games are constantly taking place on the web, so it is not simply that you play in Chernarus, the setting of the game.

You are one of the invulnerable to infection that forcibly stained numerous individuals, but that does not give you a pass to simple resistance.

You, together with other players or against others, must manage to manage in Chernarus. DayZ incorporates an array of injuries and illnesses (some are infectious) that advance the ongoing interaction, as does having powerful weather.

Tragically, the nature of the game has waned a bit due to less maintenance and the presence of programmers.


SCUM is a colossally inquisitive game for having a bewildering arrangement of recreation and executive character.

This allows you to change subtleties such as developmental latency, skill, digestion, clinical information, and several perspectives.

Therefore, SCUM is a survival game that is advantageous, but perhaps puts a lot of emphasis on changing your persona.

After all, difficulties are not lacking. Garbage places us in a colossal and meticulous guide that breaks the monotony of the game. Playing with others is strongly prescribed, as an important part of the fun of the game is proving that you are a definite survivor.

How to survive 1 and 2

With such a name, it is perceived to be one of the best survival games. We encapsulate one of the three characters in the game, each with different abilities and qualities.

The game plays a part of interactivity and activity, placing you in reality as we know it where trust no longer has a place. You must be bright both day and night to have food, shots and weapons.

Be careful, in How to survive it is not difficult to stop seeing the yearning, thirst or drowsiness of your person, especially when the zombies keep coming.

Dealing with yourself is just as significant as getting rid of zombies, and there is a period for everything. You may be bombing the first few times, but it won't take long to learn and, who knows, you might go for Ironman mode.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is an open world game in which we work to resist the danger of zombies. Due to this situation, each game is not the same as the others, since the difficulties to survive and the survivors that make up our local area are unique.

There is no lack of looting of goods, the main component of resistance in this game.

You can experience it playing alone, but it is more rewarding in useful or multiplayer mode. In the main case, for example, you and your colleagues will be able to help each other to work on the probabilities of resistance in the networks. From time to time you will get rewards, so there will be no lack of motivations.


What does an RPG do on this list? Actually, Outward is a simulation game that incorporates various survival components.

The game unfolds as you might imagine with an RPG, with the distinction that you must deal with your condition.

For example, illnesses are a must in Outward and, in the event that you don't deal with illnesses.

On each excursion you will have to adopt a daily practice of care and rest, as well as observing a great sanctuary so as not to be defenseless before the wild world.

You will learn more spells and upgrade hardware as you progress, but organic needs will always be present. The stories of the saints are more than epic minutes, and Outward proofs it very well.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep lets you experience your own interpretation of the Lost series. After a plane crash, you see yourself mixed in the Pacific Ocean, and it is simply you and nature.

You must acquire new skills, pursue, build protections and meet your demands. Also, if you're looking for the biggest test of the game, Stranded Deep leads you to hunt down one of the "bosses." Trust us, it is not a simple task.

Sadly today the game has gotten easier, so the prospect of resistance is currently less significant. All in all, it is a completely enjoyable game.


Miasmata is one more game in the class that carries an alternative subtlety to what we usually find in the class. Instead of focusing on battle, he focuses much more on investigation and secrecy.

You must act as an investigator who must find what happened to his colleagues, on a strange and distant island.

In Miasmata, you will have to try to get ahead and unravel the secrets of the local clan. There are many remains, abandoned villages and points of interest, and in each of them you will have to track pieces of information about what happened.

In this incredible list of the best survival games, we show you the best in the category. Here we show various types of survival games to make it a complete list. In fact each of these games has been played by me and what I am counting in each description is the experience I had with these incredible games.

You may not like some of these games, but the concept of the best game varies due to the tastes of each person. However, here I brought you a complete list so that all gamers of various types will be attracted to the experiences of these games.

I can say that these are the best games of the entire category, however there are people who will not agree due to their tastes, but it is a matter of each person's point of view.