Valve and Steam have the new function, so you can play as soon as possible

Alvaro Salazar
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Valve is driving an innovation that would allow players to appreciate the games even as they are downloading them. That is the new patent of the organization. Valve has to stop pause. That is the reason why Gabe Newell company is encouraging innovation that would allow players to appreciate computer games... in any case, when they are downloading.

It is a basically equal framework that we find in the consoles PlayStation and xbox, which allow access to a part of the games while the leftovers are downloaded. At present, another patent found this week shows that Valve is working on the execution of something almost identical for its foundation.

Valve and Steam have the new function, so you can play as soon as possible

Steam wants you to have a game experience as fast as possible

As announced, the patent was requested in March last year, but it has been distributed today. Pavel Djundik of SteamDB has rushed to repeat its content, offering the first subtleties through your Twitter account.

More or less, it is attempted from an innovation that allows valve focus on specific documents during the interaction of the download to allow players to reach the game to which it refers quickly, without having to wait for it to be All the download is finished 100%.

How could this work?

The framework would allow Steam follow the "reading tasks" Made by the EXE component of a certain game. From this interaction, it would separate a guide from the information to which it arrives and with what regularity. Next, Valve would use this telemetry to focus on the game records with the goal that players can start the game quickly.

Steam needs to abbreviate the waiting for downloads with another frame

This equivalent innovation would also have different types of uses. It is very possible that Steam use it to get rid of the unused records without compromising the respectability of the game, something extremely useful when we need to drop space. Valve also showed that this system could serve for "preload certain discs to reduce inactivity during stacking"

Valve and Steam have the new function, so you can play as soon as possible

The organization has previously tried to start this component in 2015 with the arrival of Mortal Kombat 10, providing the discharge by parts. Be that as it may, it ended up causing a greater number of problems that helped and the organization had to reverse.

In the meantime, the Steam Hand-deck has allowed us to see its interface due to the breaking of Steam 3; Reservations for this Control Center ended up running out, so customers who now obtain it through their authority site would be obtained in the second quarter of 2022. Simultaneously, Steam has set its new festival From October 1 to 7 with "many demos"

In addition, this type of capacity allows "open the space without use and obtaining it in advance to reduce the inertia during stacking", as proclaimed the manufacturer of SteamDB. In addition, it has explained that this type of patent is not incompatible with the ordinary improvement of computer games, since they would not have to transform anything. It is appropriate for anyone, in addition to those who have that capacity.

This is how you can enjoy this new option that Steam offers and Valve

In this sense, if you intend to continue using or start using Steam, this moment is your opportunity. Also, customers of the new Control Center of Steam, Steam deck, would benefit from this.

In the same way that other alternatives of Steam, this can be adjusted, since it is an option.

So, what if we perceive how to download a game of Steam while playing another.

From the pitcher, we went to options Steam& GT; Settings at the top left of the application.

At this time we approach the download section and the option of download limitations We mark the alternative allow downloads during the game.

Finally, we press the ACCEPT button to apply and save the progressions made in Steam.

With this we will want to proceed to download a game while we are in Ronda a game of Steam.

Notice that this option is unmarked by rule, since when playing a game that requires a decent web association, we can find high latencies in the connection and this ruin the game experience, however, on account of a game disconnected that does not You need an association, you can play and download a game without problems.

This was what patents expressed about this new option

"This telemetry approach allows the remote system to collect access data reported by multiple client machines, catalog the access data according to the client system configuration, and analyze the access data to generate data that the client machines can use To implement several characteristics related to the game, including, without limitation, the instantaneous repetition of the video games, discarding the unused blocks of the game data to release the local memory resources and / or the local preload of data from the Game to reduce latency during the game." He expressed the patent that he informed on the subject.

Valve and Steam have the new function, so you can play as soon as possible

This becomes something much simpler, since "you can start a game before you finish downloading", this is because if you want to pause the download while you make the tutorial, configure or create a character to your liking, "You can presumably, you can do it while the game is discharged until you stop with a wall where you can not advance, until the content finishes downloading"

This new option improves our quality as players. The Era of Valve returns and other improvements on the platform are expected and everything that this developer offers. You can stay informed about this by following our items I charged the newest in video games.