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Find out how to cheer up a depressed person and help them get out of their state

Maria de Piña
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Find out how to cheer up a depressed person

How to cheer up a depressed person is not at all a simple task, since there are many factors that influence their state and must be evaluated.

Depression is a state that we have all suffered at some point, but not everyone finds it very easy to deal with it. Learning how to cheer up a depressed person makes us not only helpful, but also prudent about how to help them.

If you want to know some techniques, tools and truths about what you should do to support someone in this state, and lift their spirits, here I will tell you everything you need to know to change the face of depression.

Factors that influence how to cheer up a depressed person

Depression can be produced from many sources and does not always manifest with the same intensity, nor should it be addressed in the same way. When we seek to lift the spirits of someone depressed, we must consider the following.

The origin of depression

Feeling depressed over a breakup is not the same as feeling depressed over the loss of a loved one or the collapse of a project. In order to act effectively we must know exactly what we are facing, since only then will we know what to do or say.

When depression is caused by the factor of a close loss, going through an illness or love conflicts, much more tact will always be required in terms of the words and actions that are undertaken, to seek to enhance the mood.

In any case, when looking to lift spirits, the healthiest thing is to start with very simple actions, such as a chat or sharing a coffee.

As a practical tip, when we do not know the origin of the problem, but the state of depression is evident, giving a hug is usually much more useful and prudent than saying any words.

The personality of the affected

The tastes between people are usually very varied, if you are looking for how to encourage a depressed person, you must know what are the activities of their preference. In some cases it can work, going for a walk, dancing or eating, in others it will be enough to make a call.

You must be very careful and always take into account your personality, since some factor of it may also be causing your condition.

If the sadness is linked to an activity you like, it is best to choose to encourage him to do something different.

The environment of the affected

When analyzing the origin of depression, you should also take into account if the environment where it is helps or disadvantages it, so you will know if it is healthy or not for it to come out of it. Sometimes the house, the job or the place of study can be a factor that feeds the depressive state.

For this reason, it is very useful to know the environment well, so you can apply ideas that help the affected person to disconnect from the places that depress him. Whether it's going on a trip, changing schools or just going for a walk, any of these actions can make a difference.

How to cheer up a depressed person in small steps?

How to cheer up a depressed person in small steps

There is no perfect guide or manual on how to cheer up a depressed person, but these small recommendations will be very useful and you can adapt them to different scenarios.

1. It is present

With technology, it is very easy to talk and interact, but if you are looking to encourage, there is nothing better than a personal and intimate visit.

This allows you to verify the true state of the affected person, and has a much more pleasant effect for the depressed person.

On the other hand, visiting allows you the ease of improvising some activities that can lift your spirits, such as cooking, listening to music, going shopping or taking a sudden walk, all of which become very useful for lifting your spirits.

2. Dedicate yourself to listening

There are those who need to get out, others just need to let off steam, whatever the case, before creating and implementing any plan, dedicate yourself to listening carefully to the person who is depressed, so that you know how to act and what is really the issue.

Talking is more useful than you think, a few words of encouragement can go a long way if said at the right time. There are many ways to encourage, but before speaking you must listen to the person affected and sometimes it will not be necessary to say anything, it will be enough to just listen.

3. Break your routine

Mostly, the one who goes through a depressive picture is immersed in a kind of apathetic routine, where he turns around the problem that depresses him. Come up with a plan that will help you get him out of this destructive routine, find a way to make his day change.

Invite him to a breakfast away from home or prepare a special dish, gather some friends and pay him a surprise visit.

You can also encourage several people to make a dedication of affection through social networks with words of encouragement. These and any other ideas that can make you change your routine will be very useful to you.

4. Causes a change of thought

To achieve this you will not only need words of encouragement and encouragement, you will also have to say some truths that can be a bit harsh. In depression, abruptness in speaking does not help, but pity helps much less.

You have to be tactful, but let the person know that they are depressed, that they are still living and that their story is not over yet. To motivate and give reasons to get up, you also have to use a bit of realism, which makes them see reason.

What can I say to someone depressed to cheer them up?

As we said before, after running an assessment of the situation, the next thing is to find the right words of encouragement . But not everything is about nice motivating phrases, if we come across someone depressed, saying the following can help.

convey support

When you go through a depressive picture, knowing that they accompany you and support you is very productive. Expressions that reflect support and sincere interest can be even more useful than any advice, words of encouragement and encouragement such as the following are very effective.

  • Count on me for anything you need.

  • You're not alone.

  • I will be with you till the end.

  • You can do it, don't give up, I support you.

These and many more become very helpful, especially if they are accompanied by a hug or other expression of affection.

Rekindle their confidence

Many times depression makes us forget who we are, so words of encouragement and encouragement that raise self-esteem are very useful. Extolling his abilities, reminding him of his triumphs, or making him see how much you appreciate him is a good way to encourage him.

inject hope

Hope can come from different sources, but it will always be useful to lift your spirits. Let the depressed know that even everything can change and that there is an uncertain future that he can make different.

Hope is a great tool to encourage, as it makes us feel that it is worth continuing to fight and this is essential to overcome depression.



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