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Home remedies to raise the defenses

Ramiro Guzman
4 min read
Home remedies to raise the defenses – Health – WebMediums
Home remedies and infusions are part of the daily belief to raise the body's defenses.

Home remedies to raise the defenses are deeply rooted in human culture. For a long time, they have been associated with regenerative and healing properties of great importance.

However, beyond public opinion or subjectivity, there is no sustainable evidence to support the true benefits of these drinks. Even so, it does not mean that they are not useful from a practical point of view

Home remedies to raise the defenses: the most common

There are countless home remedies to raise your defenses quickly, but only the most common ones will be delved into. In this sense, the following are highlighted:

Honey lemon infusion

The infusion of honey with lemon is prepared as its name indicates. You only need to dilute the components in boiling water, hot enough as you consider.

Broadly speaking, honey is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals that strengthen the cellular activity of the immune system. Likewise, its low caloric percentage, together with the lemon and its contribution of vitamin C, make it a top-of-the-line home remedy.

ginger infusion

In addition to the above, ginger infusion is another of the home remedies to raise defenses quickly. Essentially, its preparation does not require too many technical methods. As such, it is nothing more than boiling ginger in water and drinking the resulting nectar.

Home remedies to raise the defenses – Health – WebMediums
The infusion of ginger with lemon or orange is a common combination as a home remedy.

Some versions of this remedy overtly include lemon or orange to soften the taste. In the long run, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and vitamin benefits that are not scientifically proven, but are supported by everyday life.

Carrot and orange smoothie

The carrot and orange smoothie is one of those home remedies to raise the defenses that are taken even by inertia. Probably, at some point you will have prepared it without knowing that it had a leading role in this topic.

As its name indicates, with a carrot and two oranges you will prepare the smoothie. Be sure to add enough water to make the consistency smoother and more tolerable.

For the rest, subjective evidence suggests that it is a shake rich in vitamins, especially A and C. At the same time, but to a lesser extent, it promotes the intake of essential antioxidants for the regulation of the body's physiological processes.

the popular garlic

Garlic is another quintessential home remedy that you can consume as an ingredient in meals. Today, there are certain inconclusive studies associating it with blood pressure control.

Home remedies to raise the defenses – Health – WebMediums
Garlic in meals is a good nutritional implement, as well as a home remedy par excellence.

At the same time, it contains phytochemical compounds of organic importance, which interact with the immune system. In this regard, it promotes a better response of this body complex, avoiding infectious conditions.

Kiwi and orange juice

To a lesser extent, kiwi and orange juice is an alternative as a home remedy. Showing off a unit of each fruit, then you can progress to preparing the smoothie. Of course, you must strip the shell or shell from each one.

Both kiwi and orange are essential sources of vitamin C. Through this compound, cellular activity is increased, including that related to the immune system.

Tips to strengthen your immune system

It's okay to go to home remedies to strengthen the immune system, but they should be depended on. On the contrary, regular visits to the doctor, plus a healthy lifestyle, will be more than enough. Still, apply these wise tips:

  1. Get enough sleep: a good circadian or sleep rhythm will benefit the physiological and metabolic processes of the body. Therefore, systems, such as the immune system, will be well covered.

  2. Balanced diet: Instead of focusing on a single home remedy, you can choose to balance your meals. Thanks to healthy foods with high protein and nutritional content in general, you will make a greater difference.

  3. Constant exercise: physical activity promotes a superior lifestyle. Additionally, it reduces the risk of suffering from chronic inflammatory and metabolic diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure, enemies of the immune system.

In retrospect, these are the three pillars to take care of your health and prevent infectious diseases. Dedicating a bit of your time to them progressively, your quality of life will rise more than you think. Remember, do not leave everything in the hands of home remedies.