Swollen legs? We collect 4 effective home remedies

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Swollen legs? No longer following simple home remedies! The inflammation of the legs is a fairly recurrent problem, especially in women, which starts with a slight discomfort, can trigger unbearable pain at the end of the day.

Fortunately, there are practical and simple alternatives to do at home with which to relieve swelling and restore its lightness.

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Why the inflammation of the legs?

While older women are more likely to suffer leg swelling, the fact is that no one is exempt from suffering from the condition, especially if risk factors that predispose to the development of the disorder come into play, such as unbalanced feeds and sedentary lifestyle, because lack of movement prevents proper circulation and promotes fluid retention.

Similarly, harmful habits, alcohol and tobacco, use of inappropriate shoes, being too many hours in one position and the use of tight clothing promotes inflammation.

How to deflate swollen legs with home remedies?

University studies have ensured that before going on to list some natural and homemade alternatives to combat leg swelling, it is important to emphasize the importance of going to the doctor when it becomes very severe, recurrent or is accompanied by additional health problems. That if so, it is possible that it obeys the presence of some important disease.

1. Legs up

The simplest and most practical home alternative to restore lightness to the lower extremities is to put them on high, a few minutes with raised legs will be enough to begin to feel relief in a matter of minutes.

Although some bet to lie on the bed and arrange them on cushions, a more effective and quick way is to lie on the floor to align them with the wall, a position that will be maintained for about 20 minutes.

2. Massages with essential oils

Nothing is equal to a good massage to reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort of swollen legs, especially if it is made using peppermint oil, an effective ingredient that confers a sensation of freshness while stimulating circulation, to enhance the effect, it is advisable to add a little gel of aloe vera, whose contribution is to calm the ailments with the plus of nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

It is important that the message starts on the feet, ascending little by little without exerting too much pressure; the result will be disinflated legs and a hydrated skin impregnated with a delicious herbal aroma.

3. Dry brushing

In addition to being a simple and inexpensive technique, dry brushing owes its popularity to the incredible results it is able to provide, basically it is about rubbing the affected aria with a brush, taking care to always follow in the bottom-up direction.

The reason for its effectiveness is due to the fact that the method improves lymphatic drainage and favors the correct circulation of blood, but that is not all, performed daily, it provides improvement in the appearance of the skin, giving it a smoother texture and free of imperfections.

The incredible results will make them want to take advantage of other areas of the body.

4. Foot baths

In search of a more pleasant alternative to combat the swelling of the legs? Foot baths are the solution, without neglecting that a complete relaxation of the body is achieved, especially if they are done before going to sleep, whether they are made only with water, or incorporating one of the following ingredients.

— Sea salt

— Sodium bicarbonate

— Vinegar

— Magnesium salts

— Essential oils

The procedure consists of bringing the feet to soak in hot water, alone or accompanied by the ingredients suggested above, for at least 20 minutes, assuming it cools before this time, again level the temperature, the results are immediate!

5. Alternate shower

The last suggestion is hydrotherapy, although it is not at all! It is about promoting optimal blood circulation using water at different temperatures. In addition to being an amazing alternative in the prevention and relief of swollen legs, it is possible to reduce cellulite.

How to do it? Once in the shower, alternate the hot and cold water temperature in order to make passes, from the feet to the knees or thighs, following the direction from bottom to top, it is important to delay only 15 seconds with each temperature and alternate as many times as possible can.