Studies continue to reveal how the Covid-19 generates 'Auto-attacks' to our immune system

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Studies continue to reveal how the Covid-19 generates 'Auto-attacks' to our immune system

The Covid-19 does not stop surprising humanity, the risk remains latent, since the behavior of the disease in each individual is different, and in many of them their own immune system is causing selfataques.

Even though the Covid-19 is already approximately two years accompanying us is still a mystery for science and medicine, because there are no mechanisms that allow you to know about what are the Symptoms and the consequences of the disease in each individual, and after this uncertainty more and more people have decided to accept the vaccine as their method of protection.

While it is true that although the vaccine does not guarantee immunity, is currently the only tool you have to strengthen our immune system before any attack of the Covid-19.

Is the Covid-19 capable of deceiving the immune system?

Studies continue to reveal how the Covid-19 generates 'Auto-attacks' to our immune system

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 is a box of surprises and within its most serious effects or consequences is that it is currently the only illness capable of cheating the immune system.

The deception is to prevent the system from detecting the disease and when this happens, simply our system does not detect any kind of alarm that indicates the need to protect ourselves, and on the contrary they develop autoantibodies.

Autoantibodies as indicated by an article that was published in Nature Communications, are those who have the potential to attack healthy tissue, and in turn are capable of causing inflammatory diseases.

The article published in Nature Communications is based on one of the studies carried out by researchers at the University of Stanford of the United States.

In this study, the researchers dedicated themselves to analyzing the behavior and blood tests of 147 patients who were hospitalized after presenting symptoms of Covid-19.

The blood samples taken from at least 50% of these patients yielded the presence of autoantibodies. The specialists reported after this find that when the presence of autoantibodies has, it could be corroborated that they are directed to the autoantigens.

Autoantigenos are molecules associated with rare disorders such as: myiositis, systemic sclerosis and rarer even superposition syndromes.

In the world of science and medicine, autoantigens are known as proteins from the highest complex of histocompatibility or MHC and are no more, that a set of unique proteins belonging to the cell membrane of each individual.

What it means then, that this set of proteins are the molecular identity card, and is in charge of the cells of the immune system have the ability to recognize each of our cells for That they are not attacked.

Vaccines and their different levels of protection

Studies continue to reveal how the Covid-19 generates 'Auto-attacks' to our immune system

The 2021 will be remembered in history as the year in which the world started its greater day of vaccination, a day that according to experts will be extended until 2023.

For although many countries are administering the doses of the vaccine, and the advance is significant, experts have ensured that the global immunization process will be extended until 2023.

The search for the formula that would allow a percentage of protection before the threat of the Covid-19, was not simple, however, they are currently already having a wide variety of options to protect citizenship.

In the European continent, four types or vaccine brands are currently being administered. These vaccines were subjected to a series of evaluations before being able to be administered to the population.

The first to be approved by the European Agency of the Medicine (EMA) was the Pfizer, followed by the BiONTCH, both have 95% effectiveness in the prevention of the COVID-19.

Neighboring, the use of the modern vaccine was authorized, this offers a percentage of effectiveness against the virus of 94.1%, subsequently the use and vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca, was authorized, which is currently The most applied worldwide.

Oxford-AstraZeneca, has a percentage of effectiveness against Covid-19 of 76%. And finally we have the Johnson & AMP vaccine; Johnson, this has a percentage of effectiveness of 72% and only a dose is required.

And if we go to the American continent, in addition to the aforementioned vaccines, in the countries of Latin America, the following vaccines are being applied: the Russian named Sputnik v.

Sputnik V is being applied in countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela. The effectiveness of this Russian drug is 91.6%. Other vaccines that are booming in these countries is Sinopharm, this presents a percentage of efficacy of 79%, it is also supplied in Peru and is of Chinese origin.

And Sinovac, also China, has an effectiveness of 50.7% and is being applied in countries such as Uruguay and Chile.

Is a third dose of the Vaccine against Covid-19 required?

Studies continue to reveal how the Covid-19 generates 'Auto-attacks' to our immune system

This September 24, the Sanitary Authority of the United States, has formally recommended apply a third dose of the vaccine against the Covid-19.

According to the experts, this third dose will not apply for all, for now it is only recommended for people who suffer from some kind of disease, which are in a critical state and for older adults.

A question that is being generated worldwide is whether all vaccines require a third dose or reinforcement dose. However, before this question we can mention that until the moments, the centers for the control and prevention of diseases of the USA authorized to apply a third dose of the pfizer-biontech vaccine.

This decision is accompanied by a series of expert recommendations, where it is indicated as previously mentioned that the dose D3 reinforcement must be administered to seniors, patients of chronic diseases and workers who are highly exposed.

However, this decision has generated controversy, since many people still need to receive even the first dose, that is, the vaccine resources that are on date should be destined to provide immunity Those who have not yet received their first dose yet.