Argentina will produce its own vaccine against the Covid-19 through the Messenger RNA technology

German Centeno
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Argentina will produce its own vaccine against the Covid-19 through the Messenger RNA technology

All this has been carried out through a long process that includes more than 30 companies, so they could get the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to elaborate a Development and Production Center of the Vaccine with Messenger RNA technology.

This is how the WHO has selected the company Sinergium Bíotech, to be the one in charge of developing said vaccine against the Covid-19 in the country. To make this decision, it was necessary to carry out an online meeting with different ministers around the world. However, at the beginning of April, several envoyes by the agency were in Argentina, verifying the capabilities and facilities for the preparation of this medication.

Despite all the procedure performed since the beginning of the year, The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) announced the results of the audits just a few hours ago. Likewise, the development of it will be carried out in Argentina and in Brazil and will occur with the purpose of the United Nations also acquire the dose.

A country with experience in this type of dose

Argentina will produce its own vaccine against the Covid-19 through the Messenger RNA technology

Argentina stands out for already producing the inoculants of AstraZeneca in cooperation with Mexico and also, it also participates in the process of the sputnikv with Russia, so it is believed to be a Country with the experience necessary to develop a vaccine with Messenger RNA technology.

It is necessary to mention that the elaboration of this product already has the support of the international scientific community, so it offers an excellent support for your departure to the market and in the same way a communication will be made with the TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER CENTER Located in South Africa.

On the other hand, the manager of the Health Area of Argentina, Carla Vizzotti, thanked the support of the whole community and I also assure that there are 200 production plants, where 40 of them are from the private sector, while 160 belong to the public sector.

It should also be noted that Argentina has received 63.140,020 dose, which has distributed 53,586,589 and have applied around 29,070,378 vaccines to its population regarding the first dose, while That for the second dose they have applied 20.324.371.

It is still unknown that laboratory will produce the messenger RNA vaccine

Argentina will produce its own vaccine against the Covid-19 through the Messenger RNA technology

So far no information about whom will produce the vaccine will produce in the country, either by Modern or Pfizer, since this decision would be taken finally by WHO, who are responsible for choosing the Laboratory that finally will produce the RNA Messenger in Argentina.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health of Argentina has communicated that with the aim of improving the production capabilities of the vaccine for the covid-19 worldwide and to expand its use in America, they increase all The necessary measures so that its elaboration is successful. Thanks to all the efforts made by this country, the PAHO / WHO has selected Argentina and Brazil to create two development and production centers of this vaccine with Messenger RNA technology.

There is remembered that the company chosen to take this out has been Sinergium Biotech, which stands out for having a great experience in what is the production of vaccines and medical products. Likewise, this company emphasizes for developing very complex products and also has a national and international distribution, so they have the necessary capacity to carry this out.

Argentina and Brazil those responsible for producing the Messenger RNA vaccine

Argentina will produce its own vaccine against the Covid-19 through the Messenger RNA technology

Argentina has made it very clear that the region has the necessary skills to be able to carry out extensive production and reduce all existing deficiencies regarding vaccinations. They have also ensured that Argentina is a country used to creating different types of medical inputs of great importance, so the pharmaceutical industry in this country is quite broad and advanced.

While the Director of PAHO, Carissa Etienne, has ensured that group work and strongly will be the only solution capable of being able to reduce the damage caused by the pandemic. She also made it very clear that there is still a long way to go, but the illusions and desire that everything goes well will help them achieve the planned objectives.

On the side of Brazil, the laboratory selected for the development and production of the Messenger RNA is the Institute of Technology in Immunology Bio-Manguinhos, which is part of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

The main objective of these centers selected for the creation of the technological vaccine is to positively contribute the transfer of knowledge and technology in the region and in that way be able to expand all productive capacities and guarantee A strongest regional value chain in favor of increasing technology independence in America.

Current Statistics of Covid-19 in Argentina

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours 1,837 positive cases have been detected, while 61 people have died due to the causes of the virus. There are currently 5,243,231 positive cases and a death record since its appearance in the country of 114,579.

Around 53,815 tests were performed, so there was a contagiousness of 3%. As for beds occupied by severe intensive therapy, it is estimated that they are around 40% at the national level and in a 41.8 In the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.