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These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen

Maria de Piña
6 min read
These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen
These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen

Believe it or not, collagen is a resource that is obtained from animal protein, but what are the most effective foods with collagen?

This is a question that we all ask ourselves, since we wish for eternal youth quickly and without resorting to injections.

And although consuming collagen is not a magic potion, there are certain foods that effectively provide us with all the benefits of collagen, and here you will discover what they are.

Top 5 foods with the most enriched natural collagen

Whether to improve the condition of your tissues and joints, or to give your skin greater shine and elasticity, the foods you will see provide high levels of natural collagen to the body. These with the help of vitamins and some minerals can be processed properly by the body.

1. Chicken feet

This food discarded by many has great health benefits, and it is that among many is its high percentage of collagen.

It can usually be eaten like any other part of the chicken, but with little meat. Although the most effective way to obtain and show that it is one of the foods with natural collagen is in broth.

When taking a room temperature or cold, the broth is divided between liquid and a gelatinous substance, and that is precisely the collagen.

It can be eaten repeatedly, however, depending on how it is consumed. In itself, the chicken feet broth has few calories and animal fats unlike other parts, so only a little of its broth can be consumed once a day if you wish.

The problem is when other fatty elements are added to the broth, such as oil, when taking it consecutively it can be a total risk.

2. Beef bones

These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen
Clade of beef bones for collagen

This is another of the most important foods with natural collagen. Although the beef itself has other components that help the production of collagen in the body, it is the bones from which we can obtain it naturally.

As with the legs, the simplest and healthiest way to consume collagen is through broth.

By boiling the bones for approximately 30 minutes in water, they will release their gelatin in a liquid state, and then solidify when they take room temperature.

However, unlike chicken feet, this should not be consumed as frequently, since it has more animal fat and high caloric levels.

Try to have a balanced diet, and consume it 1 time every 3 days. The best thing is that you can prepare and store them.

3 eggs

These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen
Collagen-rich eggs

Eggs, in addition to being delicious and versatile to integrate into any preparation, are also a rich source of collagen.

Eggs are considered foods with natural collagen for two areas that certify it, the aqueous membrane ; a small layer of transparent tissue that protects the white and separates it from the rind, and the yolk.

These two are the only parts of this protein with collagen, and we can enjoy them and better adsorb their components by cooking the whole egg in boiling water. When it is ready, do not remove the membrane, include it, it will not disturb you when eating it.

You can eat 1 hard-boiled egg a day, but do not exaggerate in its intake, since the yolk mainly also has fats and high caloric levels that can affect cholesterol and weight.

4. Blue fish

These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen
Oily fish skin to obtain natural collagen

For diets and health, oily fish are recommended, but did you know that they are one of the most nourished foods with collagen ?

The key is in its spines and skin, and with them we can obtain the desired collagen. Therefore, the importance of fish that can be consumed whole, since we do not lose any of its enriched parts.

Fish like sardines, tuna, salmon, swordfish and mackerel are one of the best species from which you can get collagen.

To extract this component from the fish, take a pot in which you can boil the skin of some of them for 20 minutes, if you can include the backbone, much better.

Now remove the bone and in a blender pour the broth and the skin, process and strain, take the extracted liquid to the refrigerator and you can consume two tablespoons a day.

5. Gelatin

These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen

Although gelatin is a processed product, its origin is natural, and it is 85% pure collagen.

In itself, gelatin is the solidification of gelatin, a protein compound with amino acids from animal collagen.

This offers the same benefits as the previous foods with collagen and the variety of ways to consume them is long.

There are even synthetic gelatins that offer higher percentages of collagen, further multiplying its effects.

Tip to increase the effectiveness of foods with collagen

These are the 5 most recommended foods with natural collagen
Complement collagen with fruits with vitamin C

Keep in mind that just ingesting pure collagen is not enough, mainly because the body must be able to properly absorb collagen. This is achieved with certain nutrients that help in this process while reinforcing the effects of collagen in the body.

Therefore, the diet must be balanced, we cannot feed only on animal gelatin, since some fruits and vegetables have what is necessary for this to happen and here I show you:

  • Citrus fruits: Pineapple, orange or lemon have a high content of vitamin C, which helps in the formation of collagen, in its metabolic process. In addition, it fights the agents that damage the state of this protein.

  • Red-pigmented fruits and vegetables: Peppers, tomatoes, cherries or strawberries have a high level of vitamin C, but also magnesium, a mineral that positively intervenes in the sintering of collagen in the body.

  • Nuts: These mainly have amino acids and omega-3, these are the ones that are needed to stimulate the production of natural collagen.

Don't let the years go by and suffer the consequences of age, act now by feeding yourself correctly and supplementing your diet with pure collagen with these foods.