Joints are gossipy.

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
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Joints are gossipy. – Jose  Vale – WebMediums
The emotional origin of diseases is a fact confirmed by science.

At present there are branches of science that have made such a great leap towards new paradigms in relation to the origin of diseases, that it is not that they have changed the course of what is known, but that they are just the other way around. Such is the case of neurosciences, which every day turns the wheel of what has been coined up to now as truths, in such a way that they become lies overnight.

This is how things have now been accepted, what was known for a long time, and without being able to explain how it happened, we had forgotten. One of those paradigms that I speak of is the emotional origin of diseases and their close relationship with deviations from what is harmonious and coherent in human behavior.

Joints are gossipy. – Jose  Vale – WebMediums
Family doctor.

In Spain, for example, there is the "Bioneuroemoción® Enric Corbera Institute"(You can click and see its website) in which there are no witches or guru, but scientists who have delved into these issues and have years of experience attending cases, even unusual, of terminal patients who have stopped the process of their disease, or They have reversed it, using alternative therapies to traditional medicines.

Well, if you go to the family doctor or a specialist because your right knee hurts, and he tells you that it may be due to the stiffness of his behavior! There is no one to take the complaint to the doctor from him. Because for many years, until today, we have anchored the paradigm that there is a medicine for the disease.

I recognize that medications have played an important role until today and play an important role in channeling the deviations of our health in the world. If a person has high blood pressure levels, and that is a risk to his life, it would be good to use, at least temporarily, some medicine, and as an immediate step, study the causes of this deviation, which is often not known can be verified in clinical tests.

Joints are gossipy. – Jose  Vale – WebMediums
Knee pain.

Thus, one can read that knee pain may be motivated by a rigid behavior of the person in some aspects of his personality. How could I find out in what aspect?

To navigate it is essential to have an anchor, something that allows you to have references, make comparison and stop. Then we could take as an anchor, some principles that do not go out of style, because they are universal, such as the respect that we all deserve and a good plot where human relationships are to experiment.

The image I have of my father, when did I consolidate it, since when have I not subjected it to an analysis, have I not questioned it? Since when have I not valued the possibility of questioning my opinion of my neighbor?

Could you arouse curiosity, reviewing my judgments about some aspects of the behavior of my loved ones? "I have always affirmed that my eldest daughter is more responsible than the boy" Since when have you not given yourself a chance to reassess that statement, including new elements, recent examples?

If you have a "chronic" disease, it may help you to look for information with curiosity, with humility, always leaving a window open to change, which in short, is the only thing that seems eternal in this dual world, where we live.

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