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Mobile marketing: everything you need to know

Andy Vilchez
5 min read
Mobile marketing: everything you need to know – Marketings – WebMediums
Mobile marketing

Digital marketing is not stationary, it is always in constant advance and evolution. That is why it is becoming more and more common for us to find new techniques and practices in this field. One of the most popular practices today is mobile marketing.

Since mobile devices began to become popular and grow, people who are dedicated to digital marketing began to notice it. The truth is that the mobile market has grown too much and has become a very important field for marketing agencies.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing: everything you need to know – Marketings – WebMediums
Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing or mobile marketing refers to a set of practices or ways of promoting products and services. In them, the main objective is mobile devices.

For some years now, there has been a great increase in the number of mobile devices.

In fact, according to studies, at least 9 out of 10 Spaniards have a cell phone. Our customs have changed, previously, people spent time on their computers doing their jobs or browsing the internet.

However, these days, most people spend most of their day on the screen of their mobile devices.

A few years ago, mobile marketing was considered only as a complement to other marketing strategies. However, at this time, this type of marketing is undoubtedly a fundamental piece in any type of strategy you have.

Today the mobile world generates hyperconnectivity, that is, all people are interconnected.

This, added to the ease with which we can access the internet, has meant that today, a large percentage of all searches made on the Internet come from a mobile device.

That is why many of today's advertising campaigns are targeted and optimized for mobile devices.

What is this type of marketing for?

The main objective of mobile marketing is to increase the audience and visibility of your company.

However, it also serves to greatly facilitate communication with your customers. All this is achieved by taking advantage of the new means and methods of mobile communication and the massification of smartphones.

All this helps your company to get more conversions and boost your sales.

Different tools are used to adapt and reach the target of clients you need, with the least amount of money and the maximum efficiency and effectiveness possible.

The importance of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing: everything you need to know – Marketings – WebMediums
Importance of mobile marketing

For some years now, people's consumption habits have changed a lot. It is the duty of advertisers and marketing agencies to adapt to this new reality and offer their clients the best possible service.

Digital marketing is not just about designing advertising that is responsive for your brand or business.

Mobile marketing includes mobile responsive website design, mobile app design, advertising delivery, and even social media management.

People and smartphones are inseparable today, which is why this type of marketing has become so important for companies. If the marketing company you choose are professionals in mobile marketing, without a doubt you will get results very quickly.

Benefits of mobile marketing

There are many benefits that mobile marketing can bring to your business or brand. Next, we will talk about what are the advantages of mobile marketing for your company.

Speed: one of the main advantages of mobile marketing is that campaigns reach their destination very quickly.

For example, an SMS campaign usually takes about 15 minutes for everyone to whom it is sent to read it. And the time you start to get results is about an hour.

Feedback : Unlike a traditional marketing campaign, mobile marketing is two-way. That is, the potential client can respond to messages and advertising content in a simple way and interact with the brand.

Geolocation : this type of marketing allows you to deploy advertising campaigns in a specific location, this is very important if you want to get responses locally. In fact, about 90% of mobile marketing is directed at local campaigns.

Penetration : in the world, there are more than 10 billion mobile devices, this is even more than the world population. In this sense, we have that mobile campaigns are massive since we have numerous potential clients.

You can get more for less : mobile marketing has quite affordable prices, and its return is usually quite good. In this sense, we have that this type of marketing allows you to obtain greater benefits by investing less money.

Segmentation : Advertisers who work with mobile marketing generally divide users in order to classify them.

This will allow us to launch a marketing campaign aimed at a specific target. This makes the campaigns much more effective, since they will reach exactly the audience we want to attract.

Why are mobile applications important for a business?

Mobile marketing: everything you need to know – Marketings – WebMediums
Business applications

If you have a brand or company, but you do not have a mobile application to offer and market your products or services, you are wasting a great opportunity.

People use dozens of applications in their day-to-day lives, and e-commerce applications are the preferred ones.

That is why having an app will help you boost your sales like never before. Users like that you make things easier for them, that is why if your company has an application where in a few simple steps they can purchase your products and services, they will undoubtedly use it.

The world is changing, and it is important that your business enters the digital age. In this way you will be able to reach a new market, both national and international.