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Promotional merchandising: an excellent opportunity for your brand

Andy Vilchez
7 min read

Marketing is vital for any business that wants to stand out from its competitors. That is why there is an increasing number of people requesting these services.

Promotional merchandising: an excellent opportunity for your brand
Advertising gifts are an excellent option to increase the visibility of your brand.

When you think of starting a marketing campaign for your brand, you probably think of advertising in different media, social networks or billboards. This is the most traditional option of all, few people usually think of advertising merchandising.

The truth is that advertising merchandising can become a very good and powerful tool with which to increase the views of your brand.

Today we are going to talk a little more about the subject, so that you can learn much more about merchandising as a marketing strategy.

What is advertising merchandising?

Promotional merchandising: an excellent opportunity for your brand
Advertising merchandising is essential for any company.

Merchandising is simply a type of advertising technique that is applied in the different points of sale that the brand has. In these, customers are given some details such as mugs, pens, bags, glasses or anything else.

Of course, all this merchandising that is given away as part of this strategy is identified with the brand's logo. In this way, people obtain an object that by using it, they are indirectly advertising the brand.

The objective of this advertising merchandising is, like any other marketing strategy, to make your brand or business more visible through the advertising that is presented in the merchandising.

Advantages of advertising merchandising

Promotional merchandising: an excellent opportunity for your brand
There is a gift for each type of brand.

Advertising merchandising has a lot of benefits over other types of marketing.

Next, we will talk about the 5 main advantages of this practice. In this way you will understand a little better why you should start using it in your company.

1. Increase the visibility of your brand

Depending on the type of merchandising that you give away, you will be able to have better or worse results at this point.

For example, if you give away sweatshirts with your brand's logo, every time someone goes out with it, they will be advertising for you.

That is why the ideal is that the merchandising you choose is functional and that people can use in their day to day.

If you give away things that are not very useful or not too showy, such as pens, for example, this effect will be much less.

2. Increase your sales

This point is closely related to the previous one and is that by increasing the visibility of your brand, your company's sales will also increase.

This is obviously the end result of any marketing campaign or strategy. And with advertising merchandising you will be able to achieve it quite simply and quickly.

3. Create a relationship between the brand and the customer

Giving merchandising to your customers is something extremely positive and helps your brand stand out among others. This will not only be well-received by your customers, but you will also be able to create a relationship with them.

This is important to achieve the loyalty of these customers, since every time they use that merchandising they will think of your brand.

4. Does not require such a large investment

Advertising merchandising, unlike other types of marketing, does not require a large investment to make it work. It is a type of advertising that is more specific and goes directly to where you want it to go, your customers.

With just a few hundred euros you can start an advertising merchandising campaign for hundreds of customers. And these hundreds of customers can become walking advertising for your brand.

5. Stand out among your competitors

Although advertising merchandising has become popular recently, there are still few companies that include it as part of their strategy. You can make the difference between your competitors with this type of advertising.

If nobody around you has done it, without a doubt you will be able to stand out among them, which guarantees customer loyalty.

These were 5 benefits of promotional merchandising, however, there are many other benefits that you can discover for yourself after implementing this type of marketing strategy.

What to give in an advertising merchandising strategy?

Promotional merchandising: an excellent opportunity for your brand
There are many gifts from which you will be able to choose for your campaign.

Knowing what to give away in an advertising strategy may not be as simple as it seems. An object that works for one campaign and one brand may not work for another.

It is very important that as part of the strategy you have, you can define what would be the advertising gift that works best with your brand. You can take ideas from the net, where there are a lot of options available.

You can even consult with a marketing company that can support you. In some cases, the site you'll be sending your gifts to can also give you an idea.

Next, we will tell you four types of gifts that could work and that will serve as a guide for your advertising strategy.

1. Unexpected freebies

Unexpected gifts can make a big impression on your customers. Delighting them with an excellent gift is not easy, for this you need a deep investigation to achieve your goal.

This gift should not only be useful, but also represent the personality of the brand. This is an excellent option that you should take into account, in the sites that are dedicated to the sale of advertising gifts it is possible to find many ideas.

2. Thoughtful articles

When you are going to give a publicity gift, one of the things that you must take into account is to make your clients feel like you think about their needs. For example, if an event is held, giving away t-shirts or bottles of water are a very good option.

Obviously, regardless of what you consider convenient, it is necessary that it has the logo of the company or the brand.

3. Gifts with a high value

We are not referring to the price, but to gifts that have good utility for customers. Giving away something that they use only once or that they are going to keep in their homes is not the best option. Ideally, the gift can be used every day and has a use.

At this point, some water bottles, hats, t-shirts, bags or backpacks are a great option. They are not too expensive, but the value they bring to the customer is great.

4. Gifts to teach

This is the type of gift that people want to display, that is, it is a gift so good and well crafted that they will want to show it to everyone. This is ideal, since the more these gifts are displayed, the greater the reach of the advertising will be.

How much does an advertising merchandising strategy cost?

Promotional merchandising: an excellent opportunity for your brand
The cost of an advertising merchandising campaign.

One of the main doubts that people who are interested in this type of advertising may have is the cost.

The budget is essential not only for advertising merchandising, but for any other marketing strategy.

Setting a price is not that simple, especially since there are so many gifts to choose from. For example, if you decide to give personalized mugs with your brand's logo, the cheapest ones can cost you between 1 and 2 euros.

However, if you decide to give away t-shirts, these have a higher price, therefore, the price will depend on what you want to get. In any case, with about 1,000 euros, for example, you can already carry out a campaign with advertising gifts.