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Facebook ADS: Ads for Effective Campaigns

Boosting your brand will now be easier

Irene de Espinoza
7 min read
Facebook ADS: Ads for Effective Campaigns – Marketings – WebMediums
Create your ads with Facebook ADS

We have to start by understanding What is Facebook ADS?

It is one of the best tools that allows us to get traffic for what would be our online store or website.

Facebook started as one of the most impressive social networks of the digital age. So much was its boom that it became one of the best online trading venues. And there is still much to see, in its big changes for 2022.

This social network gives us the possibility of getting traffic for any occasion. For example, if you have a sportswear brand, an online jewelry store, or maybe you work with a foundation, Facebook ADS gives you a work tool that makes it easy to carry out ads.

Creative campaigns with secure sales

This tool is perfect for selecting your target audience, oriented to different patterns, for example: if they are men or women, what are their ages, what are the mobile media in which they use Facebook, and what are their tastes.

It is the perfect platform to promote your products and services on Facebook and Instagram. By promoting your brand or company on these social networks, you send traffic from future and potential customers to your website or online store.

Today there are many online stores created and people seek to increase their sales through social networks. This is because a large part of the population lives connected to them daily.

Online stores are your digital commerce, your brand or company with its space on the internet. However, this does not have to promote itself, you need traffic.

Therefore, tools like Facebook ADS are essential to grow your business on the internet.

Through this platform you can create ads in different formats.

It offers many advantages for your online business and among them, we can mention: the increase in traffic, which with good marketing will be potential clients.

You can reach him to the ideal audience (bluntly, without mistakes, without pauses). How difficult it can be to bring our product to the right audience.

However, this tool leads you to coordinate the most exact qualities of your audience and create campaigns to attract and retain them.

How does Facebook ADS work?

We can generate ads very easily, we only have to follow certain steps keeping in mind that a clear and precise strategy must be planned, without this you could lose a lot of money.

The main thing is to have a website or online store to organically bring customer traffic from social networks to your website.

It is not a common or generalized traffic, but specific traffic for people who may be interested in what you offer.

Therefore, it is recommended to define an ideal audience within Facebook Ads to place it as a target and facilitate the promotion of products and services.

Within Facebook Ads you can define different types of audiences, for example:

The audience saved

This type of audience allows you to be as specific as possible, and you can define your audience through locations, age, gender, language, interests, audience behavior and connections.

We can consider that this is the most important type of audience in the network, if good management is developed, good results will be obtained.

Facebook ADS: Ads for Effective Campaigns – Marketings – WebMediums
Find out what you can do with Facebook ADS

Custom audience

This is a group of people who showed some interest in your business, by interacting with it.

Within this group you can create a group of people who have interacted with your website, your Instagram account, Facebook page and people who have interacted with your ads and videos.

Similar audience

This is an audience that is generated based on a personalized audience, with the aim of looking for similar people who have interacted with your platforms or made a relevant transaction on your website, such as having made a purchase.

That is, if someone buys from your online store you can generate an audience similar to those buyers, then Facebook automatically searches for all those people who are similar to your buyers and who are looking for products or services similar to those offered by you.

Ad types

There are several types of ads with their respective formats that can be implemented on the platform, for example:

Image ads : Photo ads offer a simple and clear format that includes both images and text.

Video Ads: Show product features and attract people through sound and movement. Upload a video you've created or create a new one using the Ads Manager Video Builder Kit.

Sequence ads: This type of ad shows up to 10 images or videos in the same ad, each with its own link or links.

Use sequence ads to show different images of the same product or create a long photo for people to swipe.

Facebook ADS: Ads for Effective Campaigns – Marketings – WebMediums
Your business today with Facebook ADS

Collection ads: This shows the products of your personalized catalog for each client, in order to further boost sales, use the dynamic options to display your products in various shapes and styles.

There are other formats such as stories, Messenger or presentation, each of these ad formats are mainly made up of two elements, the first is text and the second is image or video.

How to create a good advertisement?

To be able to capture a good advertisement and avoid losing money on it, it is necessary to follow several tips. The first thing is to write successful content for your Facebook and Instagram ads.

A well-written and well-formulated content conveys confidence to the client, that is why when writing it, consider the following:

✔ Write as if you were selling to a single person, write different types of ads based on the buyer client including their interests.

✔ Make sure that the written text corresponds to the image of the ad, the ads must have a very clear call to action, take your potential clients to the point of what you want.

✔ Facebook ads should be short, use simple language and easy to remember.

If you are already clear about the text, it is important to accompany by images that complement your ad. In many cases, an image alone sells the product, so you must use quality images, as these will help you sell for you.

Facebook ADS: Ads for Effective Campaigns – Marketings – WebMediums
There is a lot that Facebook ADS can do for you

As there is no direct communication with customers, you must place an efficient image or videos that leave a clear message to potential buyers.

Use bold colors, tell a visual story, let the images say exactly what you want to express.

What is Facebook ADS used for?

Here we can name the sale of products and services. You will get tired of seeing ads for products and services on your Facebook account, the strategy here is usually simple like taking users directly to a page offering products or services.

Attract potential customers: In the acquisition announcement, we will also direct the user to the landing page, but the direct objective here is not to sell, but to capture their contact, that is, to obtain their email, number, data of interest.

Facebook ADS: Ads for Effective Campaigns – Marketings – WebMediums
With Facebook ADS you will connect with the most prominent clients

The way to do this is similar to what you see on other sites like blogs, for example those that offer free links like e-books and the like, and require an email subscription to access them.

Generate traffic: Facebook ads allow you to get a really low price per click, the exact amount cannot be generalized very much depends on the case.

With these rates, generating paid traffic to your website can mean a lot.

Not only to attract potential customers, but also to generate page views so that they can be shared on social networks, receive social signals such as comments, views, and meet your sales goals.