10 funny things about babies

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They say that there is no greater miracle in nature than the creation of life, when women bring a child to the world that, precisely, is what they do, a miracle.

But the miracle of life continues to surprise us with certain elements of babies that we often overlook and that show us that in this world there is and always will be one and a thousand reasons to get excited, to be amazed.

10 funny things about babies – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

I invite you to read and know the 10 most curious things about babies.

Most babies are born with blue eyes

That color or a blue that approaches gray, is what we see in the eyes of the vast majority of newborns, it does not imply that it will be their eye color, then they will take the shade that, by the genes of their parents, will have for life.

There are exceptions, of course, but if you look at a newborn, it is most likely to be within this majority of blue or gray eyes.

At birth, babies have much more bones than adults

They count in almost 100 the difference of bones that add the babies in comparison to the bones of an adult.

This is because in reality their bones are not fully formed and some of them will fuse to form the complete bone structure, with the bones of an adult person.

10 funny things about babies – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Babies do not cry

Clarifying: Obviously they scream, especially if they give them the spanking of welcome.

But the act of shedding tears as we all do, is something that we developed around the 1st month of life, with some children arriving only after the 2nd month.

All newborns have flat noses (no bridge)

From there you can understand the occasional nonsense when we hear someone say that a one-day-old child "pulled out the nose of the father, the uncle or the mother", actually at that time the shape of the child's nose is not defined, the bones are not solid and it will be later when it takes the form that will identify it and, there, it could allow comparison with any family member.

They only look at close range

In their early days, babies will not be able to look at objects, shapes and people clearly at a distance.

Greeting them from the door by moving their hands does not make much sense, however, at a short distance they will soon begin to define even colors.

10 funny things about babies – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

They recognize the sounds

And it is one of the greatest advantages that nature gives them. Babies will recognize the voice of the mother who has spoken so much to them while they were in their womb, they will also recognize the father's voice and even his little brother if he has spoken to them while they are inside their mother.

This makes it possible to quickly create emotional ties in the family and gives the baby a lot of confidence in his arrival in the world.

Your heart beats at twice the speed of adults

It is good to be clear because new parents are occasionally frightened when they notice it at home, when they take their baby home for the first time.

This is normal, your heart can even be beat by how small and unformed your bones are, there is no problem, it is the normal heart rate for that age and as it grows, it will stabilize.

10 funny things about babies – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Newborns can sleep more than 15 hours a day

They are developing their body and absorbing nutrients from breast milk, in this process rest is essential and nature allows the development to take place without major problems if the baby meets the proper rest, your own body will ask all these hours of rest.

However, the normal thing is that before reaching the year of life, your sleep cycle has been regularized and with a nap in the day plus the night nap, the baby grows very well.

In just one year, a baby grows 50% of height and increases 300% of weight

This first year of life will have a growth spurt and rise that naturally should not be repeated in another year later.

It will continue with an accelerated rhythm like every growing child, but in no way will it be equal to climbing 300% or more in weight and 50% of its size.

They like to be pampered and caressed

If someone tells you that babies do not feel, they lie.

In their first hours of life even, babies already feel the caresses that are made and there are many cases in which babies barely hours of life calm down as soon as the mother loads, speaks and caresses.