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Sampson called the syndrome several superficial, small and blood lesions of the peritoneum, in the ovaries, and on the intestinal surface, as "endometriosis¨ In 1927 he launched his theory of delayed menstruation or reflux theory, as cause of endometriosis.

During menstruation, most of the menstrual blood circulates through the vagina, but some of the blood from the uterus can also flow through the fallopian tubes into the abdominal fossa, which is called retrograde menstruation.

Almost all women occasionally have a retrograde period, what could be called physiological, but most do not suffer from endometriosis. Therefore, other factors must also play a role in the development of endometriosis.

Causes of endometriosis

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For more than a century, the cause of endometriosis. With the passage of time, a series of theories have been developed that try to clarify the origin of endometriosis, but none of these theories is successful in all studies.

Most likely, endometriosis is caused by the & quot; menstrual blood transfer & quot; according to the possible deepest studies. During a period, the mucous membrane is rejected, blood and tissue flow through the vagina, but also some menstrual blood it is carried through the fallopian tubes to the abdominal fossa.

That blood in the abdominal cavity is destroyed, but sometimes it seems to be insufficient, and some residual mucous membranes can accumulate in the peritoneum of the pelvic organs. This mucous membrane can continue to grow over time and is known as endometriosis.

The drag or return of menstrual blood is also called retrograde menstruation, and it is the most popular cause of the origin of endometriosis.

Endometriosis occurs at all ages between adolescence and menopause, it occurs both in women who have not had children and in women who have had them. Endometriosis occurs in women in all the different levels of society.

Endometriosis is more common in certain families. Women who do not have children or who have children at an advanced age also have a increased risk of endometriosis. The reason for this is undoubtedly that they menstruate more frequently in their days than women who do have children.

Symptoms of endometriosis

Endometriosis – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

The intense menstrual pain is the most common symptom of endometriosis.

The main symptoms of endometriosis are:

• Severe menstrual discomfort

• Chronic abdominal pain

• Bowel and bladder problems

• Tiredness

• Pain during and after sexual intercourse

• Infertility

But also pelvic pain, premenstrual syndrome, low back pain and even pains in the legs, inflammation of the stomach, pain during ovulation, insomnia and apathy. Due to this broad aspect, sometimes years go by before the disease is finally diagnosed.

Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis

Endometriosis – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

The person has control over their own treatment plan. The specialists of the team of professionals are well acquainted with endometriosis and consult each other. Together with the treatment team, you determine the best treatment plan for your situation and if alternative medicine treatments are possible.

To know more about available treatments consult your general practitioner.

Then an internal study of the sound waves is made to detect if there is growths of endometriosis in the ovary.

The final diagnosis is made with a laparoscope. A small copy is made in the nail section, and a camera with a thin cane is pressed into the abdominal fossa so that the doctor can see what is happening there.

If there is endometriosis in the area, the growth rate decreases. the surgeon presses a pair of forceps and a slide and removes the tissue. The grafts are so small that each one hangs with a cut. This tissue can also be removed with a laser

Deep growths require surgery by a gynecologist with vast experience, since work must be done to prevent malformations and scars.

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