Pregnancy without symptoms

Enzo Fernandie
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After a woman becomes pregnant, there is a period in which she realizes her waiting status; thanks to the symptoms that come to experience, such as nausea, fatigue, amenorrhea, drowsiness, pain in the pelvis, among others, however, there are women who may have more symptoms than others and may even feel sick.

Pregnancy without symptoms – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Is it possible that there could be a pregnancy without symptoms? are there really pregnant women who can feel like nothing? Know this and much more in this post that is dedicated for you.

What does a pregnancy without symptoms mean?

A pregnancy without symptoms is one in which the woman passes her pregnancy without presenting some of the symptoms of pregnancy: amenorrhea, fatigue, sleep, dizziness and pains in the pelvis.

You may be sure of your pregnancy because you have been tested or your doctor has corroborated it with an analysis, but no symptoms, and although it seems hard to believe, there are women who have realized their pregnancy because the baby begins to notice more.

It is certainly possible, it is not that something is wrong with your body or your baby's, it is something that can happen and it does not have to do directly with a health problem, also, it does not have to worry, because it is just your way to assimilate pregnancy.

Pregnancy without symptoms in the first month

Certainly, each body is a world, because just as there are women who have nausea in the first month of pregnancy, there are others who do not have a single discomfort in the stomach.

Pregnancy without symptoms – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Women who have pregnancy without symptoms they do not present anything in the first month or during their pregnancy, because although these cases are not common, they may be possible, however, there are some cases in which in the first weeks there are no symptoms, but upon reaching a certain stage of pregnancy, They begin to present some of them.

Women who do not have the common symptoms of pregnancy in the first month of pregnancy should not worry because, as we mentioned earlier, each body is a world.

It is important to highlight that 50% of women suffer the symptoms of pregnancy in the first month or during their management, 25% only have nausea and the other 25% will not be affected at all by pregnancy.

Negative pregnancy symptoms And does not it lower me?

are there cases in which symptoms appear and menstruation does not appear, but at the time of the test it is negative? indeed, yes, because in these cases it may be a false negative, or probably not that they are late, is that they have ovulated late.

First of all, regardless of menstrual cycles, it is impossible to know when to take a pregnancy test, so when done can give false results.

In other cases, this may be a psychological pregnancy, an amenorrhea caused by deficiencies in the diet, stress, among other factors; or for the misuse of the pregnancy test.

When the pregnancy test is negative, but does not reduce menstruation, it does not mean only that you are in the first weeks of pregnancy, therefore, the best thing is that you go gynecologist to get you out of doubt as soon as possible.