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How to support your partner during pregnancy?

Maria de Piña
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How to support your partner during pregnancy? – Mothers And Babies
How to support your partner during pregnancy?

Many men are surprised to learn that they are going to be fathers; but then they begin to wonder how they can support their partner through the pregnancy. It is true that the ladies are the ones who deal the most with the whole process, but they are also affected.

The mothers-to-be receive advice and information from everywhere, they hardly announce the news, but many gentlemen go into uncharted territory not knowing what to do. And if you are about to do dad, the following that you will see will help you how to act correctly.

The reality men need to understand about pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it changes in women at all levels, so to begin with, keep an open mind to all kinds of attitudes and reactions. Do not expect her to behave in the same way as always, she is going through a very complex process.

Be very clear that pregnancy will be a unique experience, so do not get carried away by the experiences of others, since it could be something very different in your case.

Assume that their emotions and sensitivity are at their highest, so you won't be surprised by anything that happens.

Your best weapons will be patience, tolerance and understanding, forget everything you think you know about your wife's character and get ready to learn again. All of this sounds pretty extreme, but the reality is that many pregnancies are anything but easy.

Practical tips for caring for a pregnant lady

How to support your partner during pregnancy? – Mothers And Babies
Tips for caring for a pregnant lady

Having understood that she experiences a complex mix of emotions, hormones, physical and psychological changes, the next question would be, what to do? Don't worry, here you will learn some very useful tips for you to apply to various scenarios.

Make your interest known

More than anything else, she needs to feel that you are involved in every stage of the pregnancy and that everything is as relevant to you as it is to her. Dedicate yourself to being present as much as possible for those important moments.

Attending the first check-ups with her, being there to hear the first heartbeat and even accompanying her to choose the baby's clothes will be very significant for her.

Keep calm

His emotions and nerves are at their peak, so don't be surprised that at times he starts to cry, feel scared or get angry and yell. Many of these reactions are temporary and not even she understands them when they happen, you try to stay calm.

Do not judge her and avoid discussions as much as possible, treat her with patience, dedicate yourself to listening and allow her to vent, respond with expressions of affection such as hugs.

help her eat healthy

Although the diet is ordered to her, you must show solidarity and share the same healthy eating rhythm. This will help her more easily comply with the instructions and you will feel that it is a team effort that both of you comply with.

Avoid bringing home any food that you both like but can't eat right now. Respect the diet being inside and outside the house for the commitment to be genuine.

raise your self esteem

The changes, the belly, the stretch marks, the points and all that whirlwind of transformation can make the mother easily depressed. Never stop showing her affection, praising her, giving her compliments, and showing her that she is still beautiful and special.

Try to have details that make her feel appreciated and loved, you must counteract her negative thoughts towards herself, with comments that give her security.

let her sleep

One of the changes that you will notice right away is that she will start to feel more sleepy than usual. This is normal in pregnancy and it's healthy for her to sleep, so don't pressure her when she doesn't want to get up or if she wants to take several naps a day.

Support her with housework, so that she can rest more without feeling guilty, sleeping favors both her and the baby.

exercise with her

Exercise during pregnancy is very healthy and one of the ways to support her in doing it is by accompanying her in her routine. At the same time that she executes her exercises, you accompany her with a routine at your own pace, more than help she needs company.

Exercising with another generates motivation and thus you can also be attentive in case you need something when you do your daily sports cycle.

Pamper your tummy

Some men are afraid to touch or caress their wives' tummy for fear of the baby's sensitivity, but you shouldn't do it or she will interpret it as rejection. On the contrary, contact with her is very healthy for her mood and for the baby.

Hug her, caress her, talk to your baby, feel her kicks, all this makes her feel loved and shows how happy you feel for the baby's arrival in your home. 

Be creative

The routine will always be a damaging factor if it is not fought from time to time, and pregnancy is no different. You must give a touch of originality to the passing of the months, making her feel that she is living a unique and special moment.

Create a photo session with her pansa, take her on a special walk, celebrate the passing of each month with a different dinner. Try to make meaningful details that keep them from boredom and take away the stress of preparations and physical discomfort.

Massage, massage and massage!

A fact that every man should know is that 99% of women love massages and at this stage they are the best time to give them. Dedicate yourself to areas such as your feet, back, shoulders and all those areas where the greatest tension accumulates.

Massages have positive effects on different levels, they help them relax, release stress and feel pampered and pampered by their partner.

Ladies during pregnancy, what they need most is attention. It is enough to devote a little to the details.