Pain in pregnancy

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Pain in pregnancy it is not necessarily cause for panic. Your body is in transformation and with that, some pain or another is inevitable.

That's because all the organs need to adapt to give space to the growing baby.

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Causes of pain in pregnancy

This is a stage of great changes and you see in the mirror only the physical part, but inside, the transformations are also great.

Stomach, bladder, heart, everything will have to reincarnate so that the baby also has its space. Here are the main causes of pain in pregnancy:

Colic in pregnancy

They could be normal, yes. With the increase of the belly, the muscles and tissues are pressed. So if you are lying down when you feel the pain, try to change your position to see if you feel more comfortable.

Sometimes the pregnant woman may also feel gas and have the impression that it is a colic.

The gases are normal and are generated mainly by hormonal change. Drinking lots of water and practicing physical activity, such as walking, are good allies.

Orgasm can also cause pain. this can happen because the veins in this region become overloaded. Sex is not usually prohibited in pregnancy, for this, look for a more comfortable position.

Some contractions are normal, make the belly hard and can cause a small pain, especially from the middle of pregnancy - are the contractions of Braxton Hicks- but there are some alerts.

Colic in the lower abdomen and accompanied by blood in the first trimester may indicate a miscarriage. If the bleeding is large, go to an emergency room, if not, try to raise your feet (this helps in circulation) and call your doctor.

If colic and hemorrhage occur in the second trimester, it could be placental abruption. Introduce yourself in the emergency room for exams.

These symptoms in the third trimester could mean premature delivery. Check if the bag has also been broken, the vaginal discharge has increased or the uterus has hardened.

From week 37, colic is no longer dangerous and may be a sign that the baby is already born.

The contractions after the rupture of the bag usually cause very strong pains and that last for hours. Some women choose to receive a small dose of painkiller for relief.

Back pain

The back pain is because, as your belly is getting heavier and your breasts are increasing, the tendency is for you to lean forward, you can not maintain good posture.

At the end of the day, those pains are usually greater. A sign that the weight of the baby is influencing the musculature. A back massage and a relaxing bath can relieve the symptoms.

Do not take medicine without your doctor's advice.

Pain in the kidney region can mean a more serious urinary tract infection. If the urine smells strong and hurts every time you go to the bathroom, look for the doctor.

Yoga and walking can prevent this pain. They help to relax and strengthen the muscles of the back. Some pregnant women like to wear a support belt.

Leg pain

Some cramps are common at this time. The increase of the veins can hinder circulation, so it invests in the intake of potassium. The swelling may be normal for the same reason.

It is a reflection of poor circulation and increased estrogen in the body.

Watch for a history of thrombosis in your family. Some thromboses are caused by thrombophilia, which is a congenital feature that facilitates the appearance of thrombi in the veins, although care is taken and the weight is controlled.

Physical activity helps blood circulation, so do not leave it aside.

Put your feet about 30 minutes up, with a support that makes them taller than your head, helps a lot in circulation and deflation.

Pain in the tits

The breast tissues are in transformation to prepare your body for breastfeeding. Hormone action, such as prolactin, is on the rise for milk production.

So the breasts swell and hurt. In the first trimester, these pains tend to be more intense, but with the passage of pregnancy, tend to decrease.

The retention of liquids is another factor that contributes to the increase of this discomfort.

You can do massages with natural oils, such as almonds, to relieve symptoms. Wearing the specific bra will help maintain support.

Stomach ache

It is common for digestion to become a little more difficult. The pressure of the growth of the baby in its organs is one of the reasons. Many pregnant women complain of heartburn and poor digestion.

Some doctors prescribe medications considered lighter so as not to damage the formation of the baby. If you feel very uncomfortable, consult a doctor.

Increase water consumption and also take care of food. Very fatty foods tend to cause more discomfort, especially at that time.

Some pains in pregnancy can be normal as a result of changes that occur in the pregnant body.

But it is essential to keep your doctor informed so that measures are taken in case these pains are more serious.

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