Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic health

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Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic health. this type of Kegel exercises have great advantages especially for women, since they are done at home and you do not need much space to perform them, nor have specialized machinesthey are very simple and practical and also great benefit to keep us healthy.

Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic health – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

What are the Kegel exercises?

Unfortunately not everything is glory, because there are many inconveniences that come up when trying to perform these types of exercises such as: not doing it correctly, not contract the muscles in the right way, also, do not continue with this type of exercise on a daily basis the time it takes to contract these muscles that are forgotten.

In the case of most women, they only worry about their physical appearance and look good about your abdominal area, for having nice buttocks and well-toned legs, but they neglect to do exercises to strengthen the pelvic area that is also important.

Because although it is true is an area that nobody can appreciate this type of exercises makes you feel better health and even helps urinary continence because the muscles of the bladder are strengthened making them more resistant, avoiding recurrent urination.

Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic health – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

It is not always good to just look at the physical aspect and worry about the external appearance, it is necessary to carry out all the exercises necessary to tone and hardening other internal muscles, as in this case they are the muscles of the pelvic area.

Advantages of Kegel exercises with Chinese Balls

The practice of Kegel exercises has become very common these days, that is why this time we are presenting a new modality of how to perform this type of exercises, with the help of Chinese balls, which not only help the motivation of this exercise, but also, facilitates learning.

When you raise the Chinese balls you increase the muscular tone, and the weight and the vibration that they have in your interior favor you to that the previous thing happens.

For women, having a device like this is very useful because it helps them feel more about the vibrator area, facilitating the performance of this exercise by favoring the strength in these muscles.

That is, when you have these devices placed you can visualize when the muscles contract or relax.

Another advantage that is obtained in women who use this type of device is that it helps in lubrication.

Which is ideal in those women who suffer from vaginal dryness, because when the pink Chinese ball in the wall of the vagina a massage is produced which generates pleasure in the woman and makes the lubrication increase, favoring even penetration, in those women who have an active sex life.

Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic health – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Steps to do the Kegel exercise with Chinese Balls

1. Wash your hands before starting and applying the Chinese ball, to prevent germs from reaching that delicate area.

At the beginning it is recommended that you use a ball that does not weigh too much, so that the muscles of the pelvic area can hold. As you get more experience, you can increase the weight of the Chinese balls, you could even take two instead of just one.

2. Use the proper exercisers that have been developed to make Kegel.

3. Choose the Chinese balls you need: these have to go according to your needs, increasing your weight little by little, thus increasing also from one to two exercisers.

4. Remember that size does matter as does weight: these can be several although the vagina adapts to any size you should start with balls that are small as in the case of 35mm, to prevent them from falling.

5. Enter the ball in the correct way: with the help of a vaginal lubricant, insert the ball into the vagina, having a great previous relaxation to prevent the ball from leaving the vagina, since the muscles could hinder access when you are too tight. Place it with the position lying on your back.

6. Once you have placed it, stop and walk to verify that it is in the correct position and does not bother you. Make sure you have a cord outside as if it were a tampon, when you want to remove only pull the cord.

7. Use the Chinese balls with a minimum of time: ideally, it should be at least 15 minutes a day. These you have to have when you are relaxed doing the Kegel exercises while you are with them, be constant to see the results.

8. You can use them when you are at home moving from one place to another, so that the effect of gravity helps them with vibration and act effectively. If you wish you can also have up to 30 minutes a day.