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rainy day games

Irene de Espinoza
3 min read

There are many options that we can have to share with our children, we show you the best games for rainy days that will allow you to have fun moments with your little ones, without having to go out at home.

You can improvise extraordinary adventures at home with your children, learning games, reflection or fun, they can be done with just a little creativity. These are some options that you will surely love.

The best games to stop rainy days

In search of the lost treasure

One of the best adventures to share with your children at home. Only a little imagination is enough to create a treasure (toys or sweets) and create the map that will give you the clues of the possible location.

You can use the whole house and generate obstacles that make the game even more interesting. Also dress up the little ones with clothes in the best pirate style.

rainy day games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
The lost treasure.

we're going camping

If there is a magical moment between parents and children, it is when a camp is held, and in fact it is possible to do it at home. You can use his room to generate a tent. What do you need? Sheets, plastic tables or if you have tents it will be much better.

Inside they can simulate a camping day with a few treats and read them an adventurous story, and depending on their age they can incorporate traditional board games inside the tent.

rainy day games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Camp at home.

Songbooks with mimes

To laugh in many ways, nothing like spending a pleasant moment singing with your children, it's like when you go on a trip and spend the tour singing but this time from home.

Many songbooks come with rhythm gestures to follow, the fun is when not everyone knows it and ends up getting lost in the rhythm.

rainy day games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Songbooks for rainy days.

Mimics to guess

Depending on the number of people that your family includes can play this game, the laughter will surely not stop and your little ones will have a very pleasant time.

It consists of teams and a judge, each team will select a participant per round, the judge will whisper the name of an animal or thing in their ear and the player must mimic without speaking for his team to guess.

The game ends with the number of hits by teams, they can work from 5 to 10 hits.

rainy day games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Games for mimic rainy days.

Traditional rainy day games

These are board games that you will surely love, they have passed through generations and are still the favorites of many families:

  • Monopoly.

  • Ludo.

  • Cards.

  • Guess who?

  • Pictionary.

They are just some of the most sought after options to share at home with the family, young and old can play them.