Six week pregnancy

Dan Mart
Dan Mart
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The pregnancy means an important stage for any woman, since there are many changes in the body and in her mind because of the new life that is taking place inside her and what it entails.

At six weeks of pregnancy, the body has already been prepared. You may not have noticed yet, but the embryo was implanted and begins to develop rapidly. Little by little your uterus will start to grow and the symptoms will increase.

Six week pregnancy – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

After the pregnancy test give positive, you may want to go to the gynecologist to examine you and make a first ultrasound to corroborate the result and that the embryo is developing well.

Changes in the body in 6 weeks of pregnancy

In this stage the body begins to have slow changes that you will notice when passing of the time. The bone structure and organs are affected. The rhythm will be smooth, the breathing will vary, as well as the metabolism, the blood circulation, the functioning of the liver and the intestines.

Normal discomforts may be present, such as nausea, vomiting, intolerance to some odors or food, fatigue, among others.

Hormones play a fundamental role in this stage. Emotions start to vary from the beginning of the day to the end. Mood swings become constant, even though you can be a calm person. The fact of harbor a new life within you it is a factor to consider in these cases as well.

Hormones influence the development of the body, making your facial features more delicate.

Having some blood loss is another factor that you should not be alarmed about, but you must stay alert and informed with your doctor regarding that.

Six week pregnancy – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

What is formed in 6 weeks of pregnancy?

The embryo has 14 somites, which are the pillars of the baby's skeletal muscle system and measures 4 millimeters from the crown to the buttocks.

The heart begins to beat on a regular basis and the neural tube (which will become the brain and spinal cord) begins to close.

The holes begin to form where later the eyes will go, its head will bend towards the body and in it and the neck will begin to see the lower jaw and larynx.

It will form a tail that will then become legs and the beginning of the arms.

Health and wellness advice in 6 weeks of pregnancy

The care of women it is fundamental for the proper development of pregnancy. In case you are using some contraceptive method, you must make sure to eliminate it.

It can be a good opportunity to start carrying a healthy life style and stay active. If you take advantage of sunlight when going for a walk or shopping, you will be absorbing vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, which is vital for the body. bone development of the embryo.