Twin pregnancy

What is a twin pregnancy?

Dan Mart
Dan Mart
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Twin pregnancy is the formation of two or more fetuses at the same time in the woman's uterus. This phenomenon is very particular in the human race, since it is not at all common.

However, this characteristic has been increasing in today's pregnancies. Right now, there is a greater possibility of having twins than before.

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How to discover a twin pregnancy?

Mainly this falls on the symptomatology of the patient. First, the women who become pregnant always present changes in your body, your body begins to be different, there is a different hormonal process, change your lifestyle in relation to your mood, your physical condition and even the psychic condition.

This happens in all cases. However, when it comes to a twin or multiple pregnancy, these symptoms can be increased to a much greater point, which already happens to be of greater observation by the doctor who takes the case.

When these variations occur, symptoms such as vomiting and nausea occur in a greater percentage in the first trimester of pregnancy.

This is due to the large amount of hormones that are being released in your body.

It is at that moment that your GP must do some tests to rule out some problems and, in a very simple way, realize that multiple babies are on the way.

What gives accurate information about this is a abdominal ultrasound. It is a very simple and advanced analysis, which will give precise results that were probably already suspected.

Twin pregnancy – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Changes in the body with a twin pregnancy

Your abdomen will be bigger than that of one that has a common pregnancy. It's because I eat the uterus has to widen much more to be able to house the two creatures, therefore, it will secrete much more amniotic fluid.

He frequent gas and constipation, which will be the product of the consumption of iron pills and the hormones that it secretes.

Approximately in the fourth week will present a picture of quite intense acidity, because the babies are going to get closer to the stomach and gastric acids increase.

You will have pains in the bones of the hip, since these will be widened to be able to give babies a habitat.

You will also feel back pains, due to the constant weight gain. To appease it is good to give some massages in the area.

Your breasts will grow due to the constant release of hormones.

It will increase in weight, since it has strange bodies in its belly and its texture will be affected. It is correct to take a healthy and balanced diet for the patient and the creatures.

You will notice that you are short of breath, this happens because of pressure exerted by fetuses in your body.

Stretch marks will appear due to the stretching of the skin and you will suffer from swelling in the feet for fluid retention.

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