BLACK ADAM Villain or Hero?

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This movie so requested by its fans, has the fans of the comic on the lookout. Well, it is not known if this will be a villain or a hero; after the concern there were some small previews of the character.

BLACK ADAM Villain or Hero? – Movie News – WebMediums

Although the delivery of the film is somewhat delayed, the film will finally hit the screens with Dwayne "The Rock", the protagonist will be Johnson and Jaume Collet-Serra as director.

BLACK ADAM Villain or Hero? – Movie News – WebMediums

Johnson gave an interview for Hobbs and Shaw, in which he gave very little detail on the character. "Black Adam, start out as a villain, he could be an antihero and then a hero, anything can be possible."

While it is true that Black Adam was initially created as a villain, the narrators can propose him as an antihero, although he has always been driven by his family and whatever may happen to them.

It is said that the film may be similar to what was seen in Venom with Tom Hardy.
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BLACK ADAM ¿Villano o Héroe?
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