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The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend

Veronica Morao
13 min read

If you are a fan of suspense, intrigue, and drama, then this list is for you. We have classified the best suspense movies, which stand out the most on the Netflix platform.

The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend – Movie News – WebMediums
Thriller movies

Discover the best suspense movies to watch on Netflix

1. Perfect crime

A cold tennis player resigned to computers, he plans to kill his excellent and rich wife, as he associates her with being unreliable, but he also wishes to inherit her enormous fortune.

To complete his deal, he blackmails an old school colleague and convinces him to break into the house and kill his partner.

2. Hypnotic

A young woman stuck in her professional and personal life turns to a mysterious hypnosis specialist to help her overcome her terrible moment.

After going through some exceptional encounters, he soon becomes associated with a dangerous mind game.

3. Parasites

Both Gi Taek and his family are unemployed. At the time when his eldest son Gi Woo starts teaching at Park's house, the two families, who share many things, but are from different universes. However, their interrelation has unpredictable results.

4. Lost

As their fifth anniversary commemoration arrives, Nick reports that his partner Amy is missing. Soon police and media pressure publicize the domestic bliss, sending Nick reeling.

Also, his anomalous behavior makes him a suspect, and everyone begins to contemplate if Nick killed his partner. This film is an adaptation of the hit "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn.

5. The woman in the window

The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend – Movie News – WebMediums
The woman at the window

Dr. Fox suffers from agoraphobia, so she spends her days locked up in her New York home.

He prefers to stay drinking wine, while watching old movies and keeping an eye on his neighbors.

At one point, while looking out the window, he sees something happening in front of his house, at the Russell home. This is a family that has recently appeared in the area.

6. Captain Phillips

145 miles from the Somali shore, the cargo carrier "Maersk Alabama" arrived, instructed by US merchant marine captain Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks).

It was boarded and held by Somali pirates, the first US ship hijacked in the last 200 years.

7. The sinister island

In the late spring of 1954, U.S. Marshals Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule are sent to a remote island off Boston Harbor to investigate the disappearance of a dangerous murderess.

She was confined to Ashecliffe Psychiatric Hospital, a restorative clinic for deranged thugs run by the vile Dr. John Cawley.

Soon, they discover that the office harbors a lot of sensitive data and that the island hides something riskier than the patients.

8. Rebecca

A young woman marries a tycoon and goes to live in his castle, called Manderley, located in Cornwall. However, there remains the shadow of Rebecca, the tycoon's former wife, who died in strange conditions.

9. Lost Girls

After her daughter's disappearance, police inaction leads her to launch a private investigation on Long Island, where she was recently seen. His investigation uncovers more than twelve murdered sex workers.

10. I see you

An analyst along with his family begins to encounter paranormal events in his own home, while he tries to find the whereabouts of a 10-year-old boy who has disappeared in the humble community where he lives.

11. Red

In the 1970s, a strange man arrived in a provincial town. For no reason, he attacked Claudio in a restaurant, he is a well-known lawyer in the area.

So everything they defended and expelled the unknown man. Returning home, Claudio and his wife are ambushed by this man. The lawyer takes a path of no return, which is full of secrets, mysteries and even death.

12. Flatliners

Five students from the Faculty of Medicine start a new experiment, which is very daring and dangerous. Each of the members of the group experiences an episode close to clinical death.

In the development of this project, they are seen in dangerous episodes, in which they will have to face paranormal situations and face their past sins.

13. Deadly Suspicion

A former special ops soldier, he now works as an FBI infiltrator for the Polish mob.

After a case of drug sales, which left a police officer dead, the mafia forces him to go to jail to serve a 4-year sentence. This in order to handle the drug from the inside. This is the only option he has to save his life, that of his wife and that of his daughter.

14. Dangerous Lies

A millionaire grandfather leaves his inheritance to his caretaker, who ends up in a deception and murders.

15. The Last Days of Crime

The United States government wants to activate a plan to end criminal behavior. To give a final blow, a thief joins this project.

16. Diamonds in the Rough

To a New York jeweler, he risks everything, hoping to get out of trouble. Debts have him stressed, for letting them accumulate. Also, the bullies never tire of putting pressure on him.

17. Red dot

Their relationship has fizzled out, however she becomes pregnant. At this time, they try to make up for lost time, taking a trip to the north of Sweden, with the idea of practicing mountaineering.

This story suddenly changes when the romantic getaway turns into a nightmare.

18. The Trial of the Chicago 7

The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend – Movie News – WebMediums
The trial of the Chicago 7

One of the most popular trials in the US occurred in 1969. Seven individuals were arrested at a demonstration against the Vietnamese warrior.

They were charged and tried for conspiring against national integrity. In the aftermath of riots, his arrest was made. All these events will result in great changes in the American territory.

19. Open doors

A mother and her son move into a relative's vacation home after a tragic moment. Being in the facilities, some dark and inexplicable events lie in wait for them.

20. Triple Frontier

Five former Special Forces operatives and former military veterans plan an assault on the border zone in South America. This robbery would aim to take a powerful drug trafficker.

This would be the first mission for their own benefit and not for the country. In the course of events, the situation will have threats to get out of control and some unforeseen events will happen.

21. In the tall grass

Hearing a boy asking for help, the protagonists decide to go into the tall grass in Kansas. Both were trapped by an evil power that quickly confuses and isolates them.

Isolated from the world and unable to escape the control of the field, they soon discover that the most unfortunate thing to be lost is to be found.

22. Bird Box: Blindfolded

Five years after a strange and powerful presence led a huge part of society to self-destruction. One of the survivors, along with her two children, frantically search for a method to save themselves in a small security boat.

23. The Wasp Network

A Cuban pilot takes a plane and escapes from Cuba, at the beginning of the 90s. Thus, he decides to leave his wife and daughter behind. By making this trip, you start another life in Miami.

Citizens of his country decide to follow him and create a covert work organization. Its central objective is to invade the ferocious enemy of the Castro associations responsible for the fear-based oppressive assaults on the island.

24. I think about the end

An easy and unexpected path makes a lady, searching for a method to break up with her boyfriend, re-examine her entire life.

25. The force of nature

A gang of cheats organizes a robbery taking advantage of the appearance of a storm. However, they run into a problem when the police try to clear out the establishment which is threatened by the hurricane.

26. The Mauthausen Photographer

The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend – Movie News – WebMediums
The Mauthausen Photographer

A detainee who works at the visual research center risks his life organizing the release of certain negatives that will show the world the monstrosities subdued by the Nazis. Many photos showing all the savagery from within.

The photos that Boix and his companions managed to save were definitive for the condemnation of the high Nazi authorities in the Nuremberg preliminaries in 1946. Boix was the main Spaniard who attended the preliminaries as an observer.

27. The practitioner

A young man who works as a clinical crisis specialist aboard an emergency vehicle. After a real mishap, his love life begins to self-destruct.

Fixated on the possibility that his partner is unfaithful to him, he will transform his life into a sentence from which it will be difficult to escape.

28. Fracture

On a cross-country drive, they stop at a rest area and Ray's daughter falls, breaking her arm. The three of them head to the clinic and, after a few hours of driving, finally get their daughter treated.

Exhausted, Ray falls asleep while awaiting results on the severity of his injuries. When he wakes up, no one at the medical clinic has seen his family, nor is there any record that they were actually cared for.

29. False identity

Forthright Morrison no longer lives with his ex-wife, nor with their son. They now live with the new partner of the child's mother. The little boy is used to telling lies, he tries to live in the best way with his stepfather. However, certain circumstances cause a big change.

30. Burning

A hopeful author shows up at the air terminal to pick up a fellow passenger returning from Africa, but is saddened when she shows up with another man. A man with a dark mystery. This Korean film that won 39 awards, two of them at the famous Cannes Film Festival.

31. The Silence

Two young Portuguese Jesuits decide to travel to Japan in search of their coach, the notable preacher Father Ferreira.

The latest rumors show that, after being attacked and tormented, Ferreira has revoked his faith, something difficult for the priests who set out in search of him to accept.

In Japan, they will personally encounter the violence and torture with which Japanese specialists attack Christians, tormenting them until they apostatize or die.

32. Mishap

The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend – Movie News – WebMediums

A young and efficient financial specialist wakes up in a lodging near the corpse of his lover. Framed for manslaughter, he opts to retain the services of the best witness preparer in the country.

Throughout one night, the expert and the client will cooperate to observe a sensible uncertainty that will free him from jail.

33. Hidden by the Moon

The Philadelphia cop, eager to become a criminal investigator, begins tracking a serial killer who strangely resets every nine years.

At the moment when the executioner's misdeeds begin to oppose any logical clarification, the fixation to discover reality takes measures to erase his profession, his family and, perhaps, his mental solidity.

34. Secret Obsession

After a serious accident, a woman wakes up and returns to a life she doesn't remember. In the same way, it remains in danger.

35. The Son

Lorenzo, a Bohemian painter in his fifties, is concerned about the child he will have with his new wife. She becomes obsessed with child care and finds the birthing specialist in her town, Norway.

At birth, his mother and the midwife, moving the baby away from the father. Lorenzo, underestimated and frantic, is ready for any madness.

36. During the storm

A mysterious storm causes a happily married mother to save her son in their home from 25 years ago. But the consequences of that good deed mean that his own son has never been born.

37. Kahaani

A woman suffers the disappearance of her husband, who has been missing for weeks. Although they search for him, no one has seen him. The woman will fight until the last moment to find him.

38. The Notice

A ten-year-old boy receives a death threat through a letter, but no one believes him.

A young man obsessed with numbers examines a progression of events that have occurred over the years in the same place and that seem to have a typical example. Interpreting this arrangement could be the main thing that can save the little one.

39. ARCH

A couple gets caught in a time loop while in a lab. Both try to keep out of danger the new source of energy, which they hope will be the next salvation of humanity.

40. Boy Missing — Kidnapping

A legal advisor whose life is turned upside down when her son is missing from school. Upon returning, the boy affirms that a man has tried to kidnap him, and he recognized this person in an identification parade.

Having insufficient evidence, the suspect is released. Faced with the possibility of something happening to her son, Patricia chooses to break her rules and assume control of justice, which will end up having results.

41. The Bar

The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend – Movie News – WebMediums
The bar

A meeting of different people is in a bar in Madrid. One of the members of the group decides to leave and in doing so, is shot in the head. The rest cannot come out to help him as they are trapped inside the bar.

Unimaginable things happen outside, and they must manage to survive.

42. The Unseen Guardian

The naked body of a young woman appeared in the Baztán River. This event is related to a murder that occurred a month ago.

The one in charge of directing the investigation is an inspector, who had to return to the town where she grew up and from where she had fled. This makes her face different situations from the past and the case she is in charge of.

43. Home

A successful advertising executive is forced to vacate his home. After a while, he realizes that he still has a set of keys to that apartment. From that moment, he begins to watch over a young couple who now live there.

44. Wounds

An embarrassing MMA wannabe who has failed at the main thing she's always been good at: fighting in the ring. She had a baby which she abandoned when she was little.

When the 6-year-old boy returns to her life, she will be forced to conquer her own demons, as well as face one of the most fearsome adversaries in the MMA world.

To do this, she will initially have to fight to become the mother her son truly deserves.

45. Sinister Walls

A 16-year-old boy from the big city is frustrated to learn that he is moving with his mother and brother to a town in southern Austria. Upon arrival, the neighbors reject the family, assuring that their house is haunted. This is because many decades ago, a mother poisoned her two children while they were living there.

46. Rattlesnake

The best thrillers on Netflix to watch on a weekend – Movie News – WebMediums

A young woman was bitten by a rattlesnake, and her mother accepts that a mysterious woman helps them.

The price of his help is that he must take the life of a stranger, in a small town in Texas.

With this list, you will undoubtedly be able to enjoy this coming weekend with your friends or family. Enjoy an evening full of suspense.