Emma Stone will be Cruella de Vil!

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Emma Stone will be Cruella de Vil! – Movie News – WebMediums

Disney has surprised us once again. As we usually know, Disney movies as well as those of the Marvel Universe are a guaranteed success, and it is undoubtedly a pleasure to go to the cinemas to see them, so this time it caused a sensation to know that Emma Stone would play the famous Cruella de Vil.

Emma has left the image of an innocent girl behind to participate in the famous movie 101 dalmatians, at the D23 expo Disney gave the first spin-off showing an image of this beautiful actress as this evil and famous character.

Cruella de Vil appears with curly hair, accompanied by three Dalmatian dogs, stares at the camera with a slight triumphant smile and a beautiful black leather outfit.

The remake of this film promises to be better, in this story it is presumed that the story of Cruella will be seen. Why did Cruella de Vil become a villain ? What happened in Cruella's life? What was it that marked her?

Although there is no exact release date, it could presumably be released in 2021 since filming is expected to begin next year, the film will focus on 1970.

Before Emma will play this iconical character Glen Close did, however Emma Stone aims to overcome everything and become the best Cruella de Vil that ever lived. It is impressive to see the transformation of this beautiful actress. We have no doubt that this woman is an inspiration and of course her success will continue and will continue to grow as it has done until now.

Emma Stone has approximately fourteen years of career and will surely continue to surprise us with roles that will be a success as she has done so far.

Success Emma Stone !

Emma Stone will be Cruella de Vil! – Movie News – WebMediums
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