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Eternals: Marvel mentions that the antagonist Thanos is going to appear in the following sequels

Luis Rafael
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This has been stated by the organization's screenwriter, the creator Kaz Firpo, who during a meeting with El Directo recognized that it is not possible to make more films of the award-winning franchise without the well-known purple villain appearing.

The loyal fans of the Marvel installments are on the lookout, as Thanos, the extraordinary scoundrel wanted by the Avengers, will return to the next two spin-offs of “Eternal”.

Screenwriter Kaz Firpo had an interview with The Direct and talked about the upcoming Eternals sequels.

Eternals: Marvel mentions that the antagonist Thanos is going to appear in the following sequels
Eternals: Marvel mentions that the antagonist Thanos is going to appear in the following sequels

This was what Kaz Firpo mentioned, after he published this information, many followers were very excited by this feat. In addition, he also talks about the plans he has in his mind to come up with new prequels about favorite Marvel heroes.

"I think there is no conceivable way to do Eternals 2 and 3 without Thanos appearing in one way or another", this was one of the phrases that the director mentioned in the interview carried out by The Direct, it was something revealing for many, since, everyone thought they were never going to see him again.

However, everyone is very excited about this new news, and they are already waiting to know more about the next plots that the sequels of "Eternals" will deal with.

What can be seen in the movie Eternals?

In the movie, viewers have the opportunity to encounter twelve new legends known as the Eternals.

The most impressive thing is that this is a race to which the parents of the titan known as Thanos belong, both will have similar powers, and we will enjoy excellent battles.

Assuming one still considers that the movie features his brother Eros, also named Starfox, to be sure it seems to be just a conviction that the next installments of the adventure will handle Thanos' normal past and the characters made by the Celestials.

Also, it is important to mention that, during the movie, the Eternals discover that the Celestials have been seducing them and that they are really androids that altered their mind and "reset" it.

In addition, they will also be pending the search for the legends snatched by Tiamut, it will be final when the heroes try to become familiar with their past and the person of Joss Brolin appears in the form of a flashback.

The famous “Eternals” movie is now available in theaters

In several countries you can already enjoy the premiere of the film expected from the Marvel Universe, which was released on November 5 in the United States. However, it always takes a couple of days to show up in cinemas around the world.

But, it is already available in the vast majority of the European continent and in some Latin American countries. This has been one of the most anticipated films of the year and one of the highest grossing for the short time they have been released, you should not miss it for the world!

For the occasion, Marvel fans can appreciate Eternals, from now on in theaters, coordinated by Chloé Zhao, with Angelina Jolie Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, and Kit Harington, among others.