Game of Thrones wins at Emmy Awards

Suria Ibañez
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The last season of Game of Thrones Many people dislike it, however, as they say: "genres are broken in tastes" and other people did not do it completely bad. Game of Thrones is an HBO series that became the best series of the moment, displacing all the others for a long time.

Game of Thrones wins at Emmy Awards – Movie News – WebMediums

The award for the best drama series goes to Game of Thrones

The Emmy Awards were held, and the entire audience was nervous. HBO's Chernobyl series had already won, and the public was waiting for the results of one of the most important categories, that is, the award for the best drama series.

Game of Thrones was the winner for the best drama series, however it was not what they expected. The series was nominated for 36 categories of which it only won 2 which disappointed many.

Among one of the biggest disappointments from fans it was that actress Emilia Clarke did not win. That simple event angered many fans as they consider that the performance of this girl in the last season was undoubtedly impressive. On Twitter, some even mentioned that they only saw the awards for seeing this beautiful actress win.

Game of Thrones wins at Emmy Awards – Movie News – WebMediums

However, not everything is bad and within that was the emotion to see the entire cast taking a photograph that will surely last. The actors expressed how honored they felt to have been part of such an important project.

Game of Thrones wins at Emmy Awards – Movie News – WebMediums

Now we only have to remember the 7 houses and learn from each one of the lessons that each episode had. Game of Thrones managed to steal the hearts of many people and with good reason. The effects that this series had, the plot, the actors, etc. was good, which is why it achieved such an important nomination and better yet such an important award.