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Jon Watts will take the reins of "Final Destination"

Ramiro Guzman
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Jon Watts will take the reins of "Final Destination" – Movie News
A future film in the saga is already in pre-production.

Final Destination will shine again as a franchise after the announcement of good news. Jon Watts will be in charge of taking charge of the future of the successful horror movie saga.

After a whirlwind of information about the film, its next step was finally officially unveiled. Now, the former director of Spider-Man: No Way Home will provide a new approach to enjoy.

Is Jon Watts a good choice?

40-year-old American filmmaker Jon Watts is the choice to continue the legacy of Final Destination. The 6th film in the franchise will see the green light from one of the leading exponents of the superhero genre.

Watts was appointed by Marvel Studios to direct the filming of their Spider-Man trilogy. Indeed, "Homecoming", "Far From Home" and "No Way Home" are his most outstanding works to date.

The third film in the Spider-Man triad remains Watts's highest-grossing work. A filmmaker who focuses on making flashy, elaborate, symmetrical scenes and, above all, humor.

Jon Watts will take the reins of "Final Destination" – Movie News
Spider-Man: No Way Home is the highest grossing job in Watts' short career

While this is excellent news for Final Destination fans, there was some suspicion around Watts. However, it will be interesting for audiences to see what vision the fantastic Marvel star director will give him.

Final Destination 6 is in pre-production

Verified platforms such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the veracity of the facts. Jon Watts is the "designated hitter" to tell a new, but repetitive and entertaining story of Final Destination.

Through these news portals on the Internet it was found that the filming is in pre-production. The former director of No Way Home will be assisted by scriptwriters with a long history in the horror genre.

Both Lori Evans and Guy Busick are the ones to provide the creative apparatus and outcome of the plot. Especially because they already have experience in recordings like "Bloody Wedding" (2019) and the new Scream (2022).

The process has been planned for a few months, but the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the preparations.

Now, according to the Variety report, Jon Watts is ready to move on. In essence, it will be the sixth film in the controversial and visceral Final Destination saga.

It will be a production promoted by HBO Max

HBO Max will officially distribute the film when its release is made official. The production house of Final Destination, New Line, reached an agreement with the prestigious audiovisual content platform for this.

Remembering, the bloody saga with bases of terror and suspense was a success at the beginning of the 2000s. Even his last narrative, Final Destination 5 (2011), also raised the expected and kept the public reconciled.

In short, it is more than two decades in which they amassed a fortune that ranges from 650 to 700 million dollars. Thanks to this figure, they are among the highest grossing titles in the history of horror movies.

Reboot or continuity?

It has not been specified with total exactitude if the future film will constitute a "reboot" or restart of the saga. However, several details establish that it will be a direct sequel to the last events experienced in 2011.

For the year 2019, there was already speculation with the return to the big screen by Final Destination.

Speculations turned to certainties when that same year, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan were hired to work on the script.

Screenwriters with extensive experience in the field and on whose men rest four SAW titles. However, due to logistical problems, it was not possible to conclude an accurate negotiation regarding the project.

Jon Watts will take the reins of "Final Destination" – Movie News
Since 2019, work has been done on the continuity of the saga after the 5th installment

3 years later, pre-production has given way to its first moves with Jon Watts at the helm. Regardless of what is to come, what is clear is that the same argument will always be preserved.

In conclusion, the ground is opened to re-enjoy the typical success story. A group of young people avoid, under certain circumstances, a tragic death. But cheating death brings its consequences and, through unfortunate events, the final destiny is fulfilled.