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The wait is over! "Eternals" Shines On Its Disney Plus Debut

Ramiro Guzman
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The wait is over! "Eternals" Shines On Its Disney Plus Debut
"Eternals" formally moves to Disney Plus "On Demand" content

"Eternals" is one of the most recent Marvel Studios productions whose arrival on Disney Plus was longed for. Now, from January 12, it will be available exclusively on the platform as part of the UCM.

In this way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe collection continues to grow. Fans will be able to relive one of Marvel's most peculiar movies, with a different approach than usual.

The trajectory of the film to date

The film was formally announced in 2018 following statements from Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. After the writing of the script, filming began between 2019 and 2020, subject to important changes due to the appearance of the pandemic.

On this occasion, the film was in charge of Chloé Zao who was granted "total creative freedom" for the execution of the project. After the culmination of post-production, its premiere finally took place on October 18, 2021.

Weeks later, Marvel Studios confirmed that, by January 12, 2022, The Eternals would land on Disney Plus. In essence, it would be the third film of the "Phase 4" of the MCU to continue in this vein.

Relevant data and collection of "Eternals"

The Eternals group starred in the third movie of the year 2021 for Marvel Studios. It joined the successful premieres of both "Black Widow" and "Shang-Chi" in previous months.

The film has been in the midst of different controversies due to the dynamics exposed by Zao. Although it sticks to the argument stipulated by Marvel, it is developed in an unconventional way to what has been seen.

Facts that, in the long run, earned him mixed reviews related to the execution of the script. Issues such as gender identity, disabilities, character development, length of the film, among others, were the center of attention.

The initial budget available ranged from $200 million. Amount that was enough to cope with the entire pre, production and post-production process in general.

The wait is over! "Eternals" Shines On Its Disney Plus Debut
Despite the mixed criticism, Los Eternos achieved an excellent collection internationally

Even though the reviews weren't entirely positive, the global gross was favorable. To date, the box office has left more than $405 million in total Marvel accounts. A figure that recently made it number 10 among the highest grossing films of 2021.

The cast is awesome

Much of the favorable box office gross was due to two big things. The first, the typical "Marvel effect" that drags many fans, given the continuity of films they have put together.

The second was directly related to the cast that was hired and put together for the development of the filming. Actors of great renown, recognized by the public, who participated in other memorable films and productions.

Among the most prominent, the iconic Salma Hayek appears with her similar Angelina Jolie. They complement others of long-standing like Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kit Harington and Don Lee. Likewise, the cameo and final staging of Harry Styles stands out.

The synopsis captivates the public's attention

The premiere on Disney Plus will allow fans to thoroughly analyze the plot used in "Eternals." A story that reveals more secrets that will connect with the future of the franchise and that, very surely, will keep the public in suspense.

This narrative shows the life that Los Eternos lead, a group of "aliens" or "superhumans" who lie hidden on Earth. They arrived at the planet thousands of years ago on the condition not to interfere with it, not even in the events of Avengers: Endgame.

The wait is over! "Eternals" Shines On Its Disney Plus Debut
Part of the Eternals gathered once again in the face of the growing enemy threat

After the "bleep" or snap of Thanos, a series of events involving the Deviants, their enemies, force them to appear. They will be involved in a crossroads after thousands of years without the human race knowing of their existence.

Curiosities that are revealed with the premiere of Eternals on Disney Plus

The mastermind behind the MCU, Kevin Feige, revealed that "Eternals" is the starting point for the knowledge of important secrets. Given this, he invites fans to soak up the cast and the great work done to bring to life characters that, in the near future, will be relevant.

A film for inclusion

It's clear that Marvel's future mysteries are just coming to light. But the real highlight and the epicenter of criticism is the act of inclusion that takes place.

Kevin Feige himself stated some time ago that the main idea of the film was "to represent many people".

In other words, incorporating current social elements that will promote recognition of all those current socio-cultural movements.

Chloe Zao was endorsed by an Academy Award

True film connoisseurs are aware that Zao is one of the best female directors in recent times. It was demonstrated when in 2021, she received the award for Best Director for her participation in "Nomadland".

Interestingly, Zao landed the role by demonstrating his creativity with a poem by William Blake.

He was able to associate the content of it with the background of the characters involved in "Eternals", which strongly attracted the attention of Marvel Studios.

Disney Plus will allow Ikaris-Sersi love to be revived

Ikaris, played by Richard Madden; and Sersi, characterized by Gemma Chan, are the backbone of the film. Both characters experience a real overlapping duality between love and duty.

The wait is over! "Eternals" Shines On Its Disney Plus Debut
Ikaris and Sersi unleash their sighs throughout the film's events

The two will have to make important decisions within the framework of their role as eternal, but with a high price in the relationship. Madden himself clarified that Ikaris lives locked between what should be for the group and what should be for himself.

Angelina Jolie and her vision on casting

The "signing" of Angelina Jolie was the most remarkable to date by Marvel Studios along with Salma Hayek. Two endearing actresses who are part of the contemporary history of female cinema.

Jolie remembers her vision about the casting and how similar the characters are to each other's real development.

He clarifies that everyone adapted so well because each role directly co-relates to the compartment in the daily lives of the actors.

Time to see Kit Harington again on screen

Kit Harington, best known for playing Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, returns in Eternals.

Disney Plus will be the next step to observe, by repeated, the first steps of Dane Whitman aka Black Knight, his character.

Interestingly, he shares a cast with his famous co-star based on George RR Martin's literary work, Richard Madden. An encounter that undoubtedly captivated fans and raised expectations for the film.