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Keanu Reeves mentions that he could be part of the Marvel Universe soon

Luis Rafael
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Famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves has been linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past few months. This is because it has been seen in various meetings with Marvel Studios, and they have maintained contact since then.

Previously there was a lot of speculation that Keanu Reeves could take on, the role of Moon Knight or Kraven the Hunter. However, these roles have been awarded to Oscar Isaac and Aaron Taylor-Johnson respectively.

Although at this time he will not play these two characters, the actor has not closed the possibilities to join the MCU, since it is something he has always had in mind, and it seems like a great idea.

Keanu Reeves mentions that he could be part of the Marvel Universe soon

Your desire to participate in a Marvel movie

In a meeting with Esquire, he was given some information about his possible signing in the UCM. "Isn't it bigger than the universe? It's practically similar to a multiverse", mentioned the protagonist of "John Wick".

"It would be an honor. There are some truly amazing and visionary directors, and they are accomplishing something that no one has ever done. It is extraordinary in that sense, in terms of scale, aspiration and production. It would be extraordinary to be a part of it," he added.

Marvel Studios maintains contact with the actor to collaborate on future installments

The interest comes from both parties, since Kevin Feige recently admitted that he has maintained contact with the actor to incorporate him into his production house:

"We contact him for almost every movie we make." "I have no idea when, or on the other hand, he will join the UCM at some point, however, we have to find the correct method to do so," Feige concluded.

In addition, Feige made a comparison of Keanu Reeves with Jake Gyllenhaal, showing that they chatted with the star at some events until the ideal job for him appeared: Mysterio.

Keanu Reeves came close to playing Yon-Rog

Award-winning actor Keanu Reeves was very close to joining the prestigious franchise in 2019 when he was offered the role of Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel.

However, he could not formalize that contract, since he was recording "John Wick: volume 3 — Parabellum" and the work finally went to actor Jude Law.

Reeves has mentioned on several occasions that he is a Marvel fan and has also revealed his favorite character as a child. "At the time I was a kid, I usually used to play Wolverine," he mentioned in an interview with "BuzzFeed2".

What will Keanu Reeves' next project be?

Logan's booth is empty right now after Hugh Jackman has shown, at some events, that he will not reprise the role of the mutant with incredible adamantium claws. And many thought this role would go to Keanu Reeves.

However, so far the actor will not venture into the Marvel Universe; for now he's working to play Neo in Resurrections of the Matrix, which hits theaters on December 22. Also, the fourth and fifth installments of "John Wick" have been officially confirmed.


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