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Scarlett Johansson: the Hollywood actress will appear again in Marvel

Luis Rafael
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After having legally battled the actress and the Disney company due to the premiere of "Black Widow", they decided that they were things of the past.

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, released to the press that Scarlett is going to be participating in a project still unknown to the public waiting to see the actress again on the superhero screen.

Despite having supposedly ended her stage as the heroine known worldwide as "Black Widow" apparently we will have the possibility of meeting the beautiful actress being as dangerous as ever.

Scarlett Johansson: the Hollywood actress will appear again in Marvel
Scarlett Johansson: Hollywood actress will appear again in Marvel

Scarlett Johansson restores ties with Marvel after their economic conflict

After having finished his economic conflict that obviously originated because of the premiere of his previous film, apparently he will be collaborating with the House of Ideas for the development of a new project.

So far it has only been shown as "super secret" the only thing we know so far is that it is not related to Natatha Romanoff.

The one and only Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios personally stated so. The actress added the American Cinematheque Award to her award list.

The president was one of the many people who congratulated her on the achievement of having been nominated for an Oscar for the beautifully interpreted films.

"Story of a Marriage" and the favorite of the public and critics "Jojo Rabitt" a raw and dramatic film.

It is about the story of a child with a distorted image of reality on the way to inner discovery of his real motivation living in the time of the Nazis and being part of their young ranks.

Johansson receives praise from Marvel Studios president

It was at the event of the award received that Feige fully revealed that Scarlett was returning to Marvel, directly quoting the words of the president of Marvel Studios:

"Johansson offered us his fame and talent in this vast Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade" "I am infinitely grateful to hear that she has been chosen to be able to play a key role for the saga that we all know for so many years, working with her has been one of the most rewarding and memorable collaborations of my entire career, I speak this directly from my heart"

Scarlett Johansson receives praise from the president of Marvel I was a couple of days ago, according to the Deadline agency.

Leave the past behind after $40 million deals

Again it seems that the legal battle is completely a thing of the past, after in October after reaching a juicy agreement of more than 40 million we can say that the past has been completely removed from their lives.

But again we are all left to the expectation of what type of project they will be developing, the only thing possibly admissible for the public is that it will not be completely detached from Natacha Romanoff.

The high expectations of the return Scarlett Johansson

Some hope the actress will return as either a producer or executive producer quality, supporting some of the other productions that may appear thanks to management's efforts for subsequent adaptations.

The House of Ideas, in charge of the adaptation of the comic con for the big screen, may have the help of the actress for its next installments as a valuable member of the creative group, we will see what happens as the days go by.

Besides that, Scarlett spoke a bit about her character Natasha, letting us know that the dangerous redhead, ex-KGB assassin, Avenger and Agent of Shield, fought against divine entities, Ultron.

The winter soldier and in New York showing how proud she felt to have been playing this famous character over the years, it seems that this is the goodbye for our Nathasha Romanoff.