Netflix cancels the OA after two seasons

 Jender Milano
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Today the followers of the series The OA found the bitter news that Netflix has decided to cancel the series. At first, some took it as a joke in bad taste or a confusion, the series is on hold, and it was not possible to imagine that they would cut it that way, but Cindy Holland, Netflix vice president of content, was clear in the decision:

Netflix cancels the OA after two seasons – Movie News – WebMediums
"We are incredibly proud of the 16 fascinating chapters of 'The OA', and we are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their bold vision and for realizing it through their incredible art," said the representative of the streaming platform.

The OA series had a previous hiatus of several years

The series began in 2016 and had an interruption of more than 2 years until in March of this year, they launched the second season. In the plot, we meet Marling, a woman who meets who was absent from the world for seven years, in each chapter it is revealed that she fulfills a kind of mission, and it is essential that she find others disappeared in the same situation.

In addition to this, Marling discovers that the events and some characters he must contact are in parallel dimensions. The problem is that there was no closure of the story and the fans do not know what happened to the girl, much less what that important mission was ultimately.

#RenewTheOA and #SaveTHEOA

They are the HT that the followers of the series use on Twitter in a desperate attempt to convince the platform to continue the series. Not all is lost, there is a precedent for Sensse8, a series that was already practically completed and the fans on the networks will achieve that it will continue to be produced.

Netflix cancels the OA after two seasons – Movie News – WebMediums