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The office leaves an irreplaceable void on the Netflix platform

Jesús Tremont
3 min read

The news that the popular 9-season show “The Office” in its American version is going to go off the air on Netflix has spread like crazy all over the internet in the last week.

The office leaves an irreplaceable void on the Netflix platform

Although it could be said that this event was fairly predictable, we never wanted to face the truth; but the truth is here, and it is here to stay. If we are sure of one thing, it is that we will never be happy with the ruffians who took our beloved Netflix series from us.

Now yes, on a more serious note, The Office was announced to leave the Netflix Streaming service for a future 2021; So, despite the commotion caused in recent days, it is still possible that those of us who love the famous comedy can finish watching our favorite episodes for what would be (at least) an extra year.

However, if there is one thing to keep in mind, it is that, no matter how upset we may feel right now, if someone should be upset in a situation like this, it is Netflix itself, not just for having to let go of one of the most strong for its platform, but because apparently, as we will inform you later, the home streaming company will not be able to revive the success of this show through any similar iteration of its provenance.

The office leaves an irreplaceable void on the Netflix platform

The situation, as it currently is, is quite chaotic, since a few days ago NBCUniversal managed to financially beat Netflix to take away the rights to "The Office" for an alleged sum of $500 million, for a reported period of 5 years. Through this move, NBCUniversal has not only made sure to strip Netlix of one of its most valuable cards when it comes to promoting its service to the most hardened fans, but it has also closed the doors to the platform to replicate the success obtained by the aforementioned television series.

It is worth clarifying that there is no legal precedent that prohibits Netflix from beginning the development of a series of a caliber similar to that of "The Office", but judging by the general response that has impacted the news and the excessive love that fans of the series own by their favorite show, we highly doubt that Netflix will be able to reinstate such a huge success at the expense of this event.

Along these same lines, Netflix is facing a worrying time for its service. The once-indispensable streaming service platform used to have a monopoly on the competing streaming service until a few years ago, leaving high-profile competitors like Amazon or Hulu a second-tier dish. However, currently the cards on the table have been turned, causing Netflix to go through one of its most worrying stages as it is the victim of the cancellation of numerous Netflix series such as Jessica Jones or Daredevil, as well as their counterparts movies like The Avengers.

While we don't think Netflix will pull an ace up its sleeve in the near future, we have faith that the streaming platform will manage to stay afloat under its status as the service par excellence all these years. What do you think? Would you like to see Netflix come back with more original series, or perhaps acquiring more licenses?