Neymar leaves football, now he will appear in La casa de papel!

Suria Ibañez
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The forward soccer player some time ago found himself involved in problems due to an alleged violation by Najila Trindade, although it is not yet known which team he will return to the field if Neymar is known to have gone from soccer player to actor in one of the most famous Netflix series.

However, the model could be denounced for "slander", after that scandal an investigation folder was opened to find out if the girl could have lied and if so, who would be punished is her. At least that was reported yesterday by the Brazilian police.

The complaint was filed against her at the Sixth Police Station of Santo Amaro when it was suspected thanks to an interview that the girl gave in SBT. The model affirms that the police are bought, however, it will still be necessary to see how the whole mess ends for now we can enjoy Neymar on Netflix.

Neymar initially appeared in the third season in the sixth and eighth chapters of the famous series "La casa de papel", however thanks to his scandal the company decided to withdraw him from these episodes, and they were broadcast without him until said complaint reached a clarification.

Although it is not yet known who this striker will play with, fortunately Netflix decided to reinstate him, in these chapters and Neymar plays a monk.

Neymar decided to share a video on Instagram where the footballer is shown with a red mask like the one that all the main characters of said series appear, of course the video immediately caused a sensation and thousands of reproductions and likes. The most certain thing is that he amazes us with his performance playing the character of "Santos" that from this week we will be able to see on screen.

Don't miss La casa de papel on Netflix! It is undoubtedly one of the most viewed series on Netflix.

Neymar leaves football, now he will appear in La casa de papel!