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Tom Hanks turns 63, a review of his best films.

Jesús Tremont
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Our dearest Tom Hanks, participated in many films that have left their mark on the film industry, today is his birthday.

The acclaimed Forrest Gump actor is currently in one of the best moments of his career.

Tom Hanks in his most recent project gives life to Woody, the peculiar main character of Toy Story, in the latest installment of the saga, Toy Story 4, a film that Pixar brought us by surprise.

In addition to his current work as an actor and voice actor, although many do not know it, Hanks has been involved in the production world for many years, helping to produce films such as Larry Crowne, Where the Wild Things Are, The Polar Express and Castaway.

Tom is loved by many and hated by no one, which is why today we bring you a review of some of his best films. The actor has infinite years in the world of cinema, but every actor has good and bad, today we will show you what we believe are his jewels. Remember, this is not a top, the movies will be placed randomly.


Forrest Gump (1994)

25 years ago this movie was released, a mentally retarded that within his innocence, falls in love and does things that no one expected. We will never forget how it all begins, that scene where a white feather that is pushed by the wind wanders through the air until it falls at the feet of Forrest Gump.

This is how it begins, immediately after Tom Hanks begins to tell us the story that we will be traveling throughout the film. The story of Forrest Gump, which Hanks narrate from his own point of view, that is, Forrest Gump himself tells his story.

In this movie we can see Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) dancing to the rhythm of Elvis Presley, we also see him in the Vietnam War with his best friend Bubba. Gump jogs thousands of miles until one day he gets tired and stops, he becomes a ping pong champion, he is invited to the White House, he appears on television with John Lennon. A myriad of things.

But of course the best scene is when young Forrest is bullied because of the braces on his legs. Forrest was on a dirt road with the girl he likes, when suddenly the typical bully boys approach him to make fun of him, Forrest and the girl realize this and that they may want to hit him and that is when the famous phrase "Run Forrest Run" is born.

The girl yells this at the young Forrest who shoots out like a bullet, thus removing the corrective devices that he had on his legs, brutal. Although this scene is not from Tom Hanks, it is worth mentioning, a great movie, a must-see top movie.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Like Forrest Gump, this movie is a classic, one of those you have to see before you die.

In this film, a group of American soldiers land in Normandy during World War II with one goal: to save Private Ryan, a paratrooper who has lost his 3 brothers in combat.

This film is held by many as the one that best graphically represents what real war is like. The most impressive thing about this film, I would dare to say, is the beginning, almost 30 minutes of intensity where the US troops land in Normandy and everything begins.

It is an extremely graphic film, nothing is saved when it comes to representing the war in its most faithful state.

Although it is full of action, the good performances are never lost, for example when a dying Tom Hanks, stunned by the explosions, sees a tank coming in his direction and in an act of innocence and perhaps helplessness (since he cannot do anything), draws his pistol, starts aiming erratically at the tank and finally unloads his entire magazine on the giant machine, wonderful.

We will not only see Tom Hanks in this movie, there are actors like Matt Damon, Barry Pepper, Adam Goldberg, Jeremy Davies, Bryan Cranston and even Vin Diesel, yes, the same one from Fast n' Furius, and no, he doesn't act bad, the scene where he lies on his deathbed is brutal. Excellent movie.

The Green Mile (1999)

Before I say anything about this movie, I first want to wish peace to the remains of Michael Clarke Duncan.

The Green Mile is based on the famous Stephen King book of the same name. This movie tells us that John Coffey (Michael Duncan) is accused of an alleged double murder, Coffey is locked up in this jail where Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) is a custodian and extraordinary things begin to happen with Coffey.

The alleged murderer turns out to be some kind of angel who performs miracles. The six-foot giant (John Coffey) is capable of curing terminal illnesses, as he does in that unforgettable scene where he puts his mouth close to the mouth of the prison warden's wife, Harold Moores (played by James Cromwell), who was already waiting for death in his bed. At the moment that Coffey brings his mouth close to hers, the clocks stop, the glass breaks, the ground shakes and suddenly a light emerges from inside the lady, this light is swallowed by Coffey and the guardian's wife it completely changes color, showing that it is now healthy.

In this movie Tom Hanks plays a phenomenal role, along with his fellow custodian, played by David Morse. The character of Tom Hanks is one of the few in this film who feels empathy for Coffey, although the inevitable happens anyway, Coffey was sentenced to death and ultimately dies in the electric chair.

The film, in addition to having the beloved Tom Hanks, also delights us with Michael Duncan, Sam Rockwell, Barry Pepper, Doug Hutchison and many others. Another one for the classics collection.

Castaway (2000)

This is perhaps the best known of all, the film Naufrago is undoubtedly one of the most viewed in the entire history of cinema.

Most of this movie is focused on Chuck Noland, an engineer for FedEx (the famous shipping company) who was on a plane flight when it had an engine problem and fell into the water. The only survivor is Noland, the aircraft falls near a totally deserted island, and he has to survive for years until he is rescued.

Tom Hanks has the main role in this film, he plays Chuck Noland, and it is not just any main role, practically, during the 2 hours and almost 30 minutes that this film lasts, we will only see Tom Hanks in his role as a castaway.

Of all the movies that we have presented to you in this compilation, this is where we see the mastery of Tom Hanks at its best.

Luckily, the plane in which Chuck Noland falls belongs to the shipping company where he works, thanks to this he manages to recover some of the packages that were inside it and with those objects he can survive. Among the packages that Noland opens, he finds some ice skates, which he uses as a knife.

The most important item Noland finds in these packages is a volleyball, yes, a ball. With his own blood, Chuck paints a face on this ball and with some leaves he makes a kind of hair. Because the ball is a Wilson brand, Chuck decides to name it Wilson, why did he do that? You may ask, easy. It is the smartest move that Chuck Noland has in his unfortunate adventure, realizing that he would probably spend months or years on the island, he decides to create a character to talk to, why?, so as not to go crazy. Brutal detail in the script.

Hanks, in his role as a castaway, has to go through endless things, he loses his best friend Wilson, he pulls a tooth with the blade of his ice skates, he must learn to hunt, he cuts his foot on a reef and a thousand more things. Undoubtedly an exceptional film and perhaps the best of this compilation.

Thus ends our compilation, we know that there are more movies where Tom Hanks participates but these, for me, are the best. In all of them Hanks plays the lead or at least has a main role, in others, some actors overshadow him a bit, but that's not the point. The point is that he is a great actor and that today he celebrates another year of life, let's hope he has many more left and that he continues to make cinema a better hobby.

Remember that this is my personal opinion, if you want to change any of these movies or add another, do it, we accept any criticism you want to make us.


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