Toy Story 4's new toy is removed from stores

Jesús Tremont
3 min read

Forky, the new character in the Toy Story saga who had displaced Woody as the sales leader, has been removed from stores for alleged choking hazards.

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That's right, the adorable Forky, who has won the hearts of all the people who have seen the new installment of the Disney saga, Toy Story, has been removed from stores and has been banned from selling due to a potential risk of suffocate with this toy.

The toy had already displaced the well-known Woody in sales, because he liked it a lot among the public. The cute little doll is a creation of Bonnie, the owner of Woody. Bonnie one day came from school with a new toy, Forky, a toy she made herself at school using a fork as a body and rubbish for the rest of the character, creating a kind of fork with eyes, adorable.

This character is one of the most important in the main plot of the new movie, because thanks to him, Woody gets into a fun adventure where he meets new friends and meets some friends from the past. Toy Story 4 has been a great success and much of that success is due to this new character, so it is understandable that children want it, for something is the best-selling in the history of the saga.

According to the US Security Commission, the Forky stuffed animal has a potential danger of suffocation, since the toy is supposed to easily peel off the eyes and this could be a danger for the youngest children.

Fortunately, the ban on this toy was made before it was commercialized worldwide, only 80,000 units were sold between the United States and Canada. The toy was soon to be released in the other Disney stores that are distributed but the world but did not reach the time for it to happen. Obviously due to shipping companies and how easy it is to use them, the toy arrived in other parts of the world but so far no cases of suffocation or any kind of problem with it have been reported.

Disney said he would be removing the affected dolls personally and indicated where to contact in case he wants to return one of these toys. Simply go to any Disney store in the United States or Canada and you will be reimbursed the total price of the stuffed animal. In countries where the doll was not sold but still (in one way or another) arrived, those who want the refund must write an email to Disney.

Do you, have it? Will you return it? I doubt that the doll is so dangerous, and with everything that is happening, maybe keeping it is a good idea, it can become a collector's toy and that will increase its price.