13 year old boy steals two small planes

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Incredibly, a 13-year-old boy manages to enter a tourist place that is on the banks of the taihu Lake, in Zhejiang province. He entered the place and took out two small seaplanes in China.

13 year old boy steals two small planes – News – WebMediums

Apparently the boy had been the day before, instead and learned quickly by just looking at the local workers. A worker there highlighted the intelligence of the child.

13 year old boy steals two small planes – News – WebMediums

Although I only managed to start them on the ground, and hit one against the railing, all of this was noticed by the surveillance cameras and to his surprise it was a minor who did this.

A site worker said: It has a lot of potential. I hope you pass a flight course with us and become a licensed pilot.

One of the aircraft suffered damage to a float and a fuselage after the crash; and the owner of the site decides to receive compensation from the family for what happened. 2,000 yuan (290 dollars), even though this only covered half of the damage that the minor caused to one of the planes.

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Niño de 13 años 'roba' dos avionetas
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