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14 children and a teacher die in elementary school in Texas

Dilis Salazar
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14 children and a teacher die in elementary school in Texas – News
School tragedy in Uvalde

A school tragedy occurs in the community of Uvalde, west of San Antonio, Texas, where 15 people were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Impotence, uncertainty, panic, grief and pain, is what is perceived around the school grounds, where parents wait for their children, and for the report of the official authorities.

Local authorities reported that the attacker fired violently at the students; and in the event a 66-year-old woman died. Four hours after the first report, the death of 14 students was confirmed, which dismayed the city of Uvalde.

Many of them were taken to medical centers, in the surroundings of the educational center, but they arrived without vital signs. Others have been treated in clinics.

The information was released by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who noted that the 18-year-old attacker was carrying a rifle and a pistol. The assailant "horribly and incomprehensibly shot and killed 14 students and killed a teacher, " Abbott told a news conference.

The victims have not yet been identified, but it is assumed that all are minors, due to the place where the event occurred.