87 migrants were rescued in Mexico

Alejandro Figuera
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A group of 87 migrants, in which 27 minors are found, were rescued in a home in Ecatapec, Mexico. These people were in a state of overcrowding in the colony known as Ciudad Azteca Third Section.

The property in which these migrants were found was found by officials of the National Institute of Migration (INM). The neighbors of this place report that this house was rented about two months ago and, as of 20 days ago, the circulation of unknown people in the town was increasing.

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Migrants in Mexico.

Where are these rescued migrants coming from?

Migrants rescued by the municipal police of Ecatapec and the National Institute of Migration they are mostly from El Salvador and Honduras.

These people who were crowded, they did not have the ability to feed properly, according to the authorities.

What is the objective of these migrants

The objective of these people was to move from the municipality where they were located to the northern border of Mexico.

But nevertheless, they were transferred by INM officials to their own facilities in the city hall of Iztapalapa, Mexico City.

In addition, the municipal police will remain in the jurisdiction of the property until the investigations about what happened cease completely.

Ecatepec, a municipality of migrants

It is not the first time that migrants are rescued within this municipality; In recent months, several groups have been rescued, who were also crowded into common dwellings.

One of these cases took place on May 31. This time two people were arrested who were acting as taxi drivers and were transporting a group of 12 migrants, where there were 7 minors, by Melchor Múzquiz.

Consideration of the mass exodus that Central America lives

This situation is getting out of hand, most newspapers and television channels only emphasize and manipulate the responses of the United States government to the way they handle the migrants' attempt to violate their borders.

But, when corruption and organized crime will be emphasized as the main cause of American action. These people flee their countries mainly because of hunger, crime and corruption.

The Mexican government, in turn, has found itself increasingly permissive with the migrants who enter its territory, since they know that their stay there is temporary, because the objective of the majority, clearly, is to reach the United States.

Then, we must reason and point out the true culprits of this tragedy that has been happening for several years, and not demonize the actions the United States takes to keep its citizens safe.