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988 a new telephone line for emotional help

Dilis Salazar
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988 a new telephone line for emotional help – News – WebMediums

A three-digit number that seeks to connect with those who call, to people who have an emotional problem. It is an emotional assistance line, which serves for Suicide Prevention.

This is a new and necessary system that aims to prevent Mental Health, for Suicide Care, in the United States. His focus is to attend emergencies in those people who experience anguish, despair and depression.

This line is available to anyone. You can call 988 to get in touch with trained counselors who can help and advise you in an emergency.

Dr. Miriam Delphin-Rittmon, Administrator of SAMHSA, mentioned that one of the goals of 988 is to ensure that people get the help they need, and have a conversation with compassionate and trained crisis counselors, to talk to people, as needed. that they are experiencing.

In many cases, the local mobile crisis team will be employed, as additional intervention is required.

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El 988 una nueva línea telefónica para la ayuda emocional
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