Amateur touches soccer player improperly

Suria Ibañez
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Over the weekend, the Tigers' fans were outraged when a "fan" touched one of the Houston Dash players. In a century when I know people are fighting for fairness and respect for all, it is outrageous that one person improperly touches another without their consent and this happened after a match held on Saturday, October 5, 2019 between Tigres and Houston Dash.

Amateur touches soccer player improperly – News – WebMediums
Sofia Huerta

They harass Sofía Huerta

On the afternoon of October 7, 2019, through Twitter, Tigres spoke out about the event that occurred over the weekend against Sofía Huerta. When the game ended, the Houston player Dash agreed to take pictures with the fans, however this did not end very well when a fan exceeded the limit of respect.

Tigres reported that drastic measures would be taken against whoever is responsible for improperly touching Sofía Huerta without her consent. The statement mentions that they totally reject any type of harassment and that the main thing is to protect the dignity of women.

They also mention that legal action will be taken against the pseudo -amateur and alleged aggressor. As well as a lifetime veto of the Tigres facilities in all parties and branches to whoever is responsible for what they ask their fans to collaborate with information to find the alleged aggressor.

Amateur touches soccer player improperly – News – WebMediums
Statement by Sofia Huerta

A series of criticisms was experienced after what happened as many users mention that he is not uncomfortable with the moment and that even Sofía Huerta smiles while the man touches his chest. On the other hand, there are those who cannot believe that type of thinking because they assure that they are not ways of treating someone.

What is really true is that everyone deserves respect for their dignity and others should know it and execute it.

Amateur touches soccer player improperly – News – WebMediums
Sofia huerta