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Americans willing to invade "Area 51" to witness extraterrestrial life

Cristian García
3 min read

Recently, a Facebook event was created which plans to break into the supposed alien zone called "Area 51". In this way, almost a million people have already joined this event to invade this area and discover what really exists in that place.

Americans willing to invade "Area 51" to witness extraterrestrial life

The event is planned to take place on September 20 in Nevada, United States. In this way, both its organizers and the people who will participate in said event hope to be able to see, once and for all, the famous aliens that they believe so much to be in that place.

In the description of the event, a somewhat intriguing and quite curious message is read, inviting the community to join said participation and generating some joke about the possible consequences that such actions could bring:

We'll all meet up at the Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entrance... If we run like Naruto, we can move faster than his bullets Let's go see the aliens.

This event, which is called "Storm Area 51, they can't stop everything", has already alarmed the US authorities, who have alerted possible participants in this revolt about the risks of entering said area.

In this way, Laura McAndrew, spokesperson for the US Air Force, pointed out that this place is a training area for the US armed forces, which is why it is quite risky for the citizens of that country:

The United States Air Force is always ready to protect the United States and its assets... This is an open training range for the United States Air Force. I would discourage anyone from attempting to enter the area where the US military is trained

NASA Director Charles Bolden supported McAndrew's words by pointing out that "Area 51" is simply a secret research and development area, so there are no aliens or extraterrestrial spacecraft in the area:

I've been to the place that's called that (Area 51), but it's a normal research and development place. I never saw aliens or alien ships there.

Social networks react to the event to visit "Area 51"

Social networks have not been slow to create an infinity of memes about this alleged event called "Storm Area 51, they can't stop us all". In this way, Twitter users mocked with various images in a mocking tone towards said meeting that will take place on September 20.

Time traveler returns from 2029 Me: So all those people made it through Area 51? Time Traveler: You mean the great massacre that occurred at Area 51? Me:

Other users make fun of the matter, referring to the fact that people who plan to attend said event believe that aliens are pets or harmless beings and very normal to see in our day to day :