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Argentina fires former president Fernando de la Rúa at the age of 81

 Jender Milano
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Fernando de la Rúa's passage through Argentine politics can be criticized or admired, but it can never be ignored, until today and for future times Argentina remembers De la Rúa fleeing by helicopter in the face of the crisis that had been unleashed after the infamous "bank pen". A figure of politics that today, at 81 years of age, Argentines dismiss.

President Mauricio Macri has been directly the official spokesman in charge of announcing the death of the former president and he did so through his Twitter account, also declaring 3 days of national mourning, as befits the death of a former president.

Argentina fires former president Fernando de la Rúa at the age of 81

A corralito, thousands of wounded, dead and a helicopter

The dismissal of Fernando de la Rúa from the presidency has given rise to the fact that in many mandates the opposition leaders at the time point out the president of the day for "doing things wrong" and probably ending up leaving in the helicopter. Like it or not, that output is used to compare and talk about a management that could collapse.

In today's Argentina, despite the fact that there is an acute crisis with the greatest country risk on the continent and a galloping devaluation, a similar solution for Mauricio Macri is not perceived on the horizon, the streets do not show daily protests as in those moments and Everything is served so that the Argentines will soon elect their new president.

A key difference works in favor of Mauricio Macri in the comparison. At the end of the administration of Fernando de la Rúa, the IMF did not want to grant credits to Argentina while with Macri they have recently made several credits to the country.

Was it a coup?

Such was the accusation made publicly by De la Rúa, he wanted to present the Peronist left as responsible, but the corralito, the 30 dead and thousands of wounded, more than 65% of Argentines in poverty and their flight by helicopter are things that were recorded in the collective and make it responsible for the greatest crisis in Argentina in modern times.

The measures to pardon torturers of the Videla dictatorship is another of his actions that the collective memory of the country does not forget. In a country where thousands of families are still looking for their disappeared due to the repression of Videla and his entourage, such a pardon remained like a scar.

Since 2016, Fernando de la Rúa presented a complete picture of bladder affection. The disease was getting worse until Mauricio Macri, as acting president, made the official announcement and decreed the 3 days of mourning.

Argentina fires former president Fernando de la Rúa at the age of 81