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Argentina women's team wins the Vinotinto by the minimum

Lenin Boscaney
4 min read
Argentina women's team wins the Vinotinto by the minimum – News – WebMediums
With a goal by Florencia Bonsecond at minute 63, Argentina seals its classification to the semifinals.

This Thursday the match between the Albicelestes and the Venezuelans was held at the Centennial Stadium of Armenia in Colombia as one of the commitments of the Copa América Femenina.

The match was held with the advantage of the albicelestes, that a draw was enough for them to qualify for the semifinals and thus face Colombia, which was already expecting a rival. However, the Venezuelans had to win, since they had just beaten Uruguay and Peru, but lost by a landslide against the Canarinha team.

The game began with a wide dominance of those led by Portanova, who from the first minutes created chances in the rival area that could easily be translated into the first goal of the match. For the 11th minute, Estefanía Banini takes advantage of the confusion of the Venezuelan defense and launches a shot that Cáceres saves without problems.

In the following minutes, the Albiceleste team continued to dominate, recovering balls and going on the attack, but as of minute 23, the Venezuelans recovered the ball and began to control the match.

At minute 25 there was a corner in favor of Venezuela and no one noticed that a Vinotinto player took the short shot and left it to Deyna, who controlled the ball and prepared to shoot from the sideline to the goal and, although the ball It was served between so many legs near the small area, it was cleared by Eliana Stabile.

The Albiceleste goal began to suffer with the constant attempts of the Venezuelans and at minute 30 there was a dangerous counterattack by the Vinotinto team. A three against two ensued and Oriana passed it to Deyna Castellanos from the right sector of the area and, entering, she took a powerful shot that went over the crossbar.

At minute 39 there was one of the clearest of the game. A new attack by the Venezuelans and this time on the right wing. Ysaura Viso dominated the ball and took out a cross that looked for Deyna to appear at the far post. The captain of the Vinotinto hit him with the head and the goalkeeper Correa stopped without problems.

In this way the first half ended with two warnings by the albiceleste team and one of the Venezuelans. The latter looked better on the field with a more frontal game and more dangerous arrivals, but the lack of effectiveness would cost them dearly at the end of the game.

The second part began in the same vein as the first. Venezuela came out determined to win the match, but little by little the Argentines were controlling the game.

At minute 53 there was a free kick in favor of Argentina, whose collection would be taken advantage of by Larroquette, who hit it with a header, but the goalkeeper Cáceres managed to deflect it. At 60', Argentina was again able to open the scoring and this time through Cometti, who was able to score with a taquito, but Venezuela managed to get out of trouble.

However, at minute 63 the only goal of the game would be produced that would sentence the classification. It all started with an Albiceleste counter through Yamila Rodríguez, who controlled the ball and went to the goal from the right sector of the area, but the Vinotinto center-backs let her play and she passed it to Florencia Bon Segundo who scored 0 -1.

That goal would be enough to seal the Argentines' passage to the semifinal and this time they will face Colombia on Monday, while Brazil will face Paraguay on Tuesday. The third and fourth place will be defined on Friday the 29th of this month, while the grand final will take place on Saturday the 30th.

After the goal, both coaches began to move the bench, but the Venezuelans, despite the fact that they risked being totally focused on the attack, could not equalize and were forced to score two goals to qualify. Victory for the albicelestes!

The Vinotinto team will face Chile this Sunday in the match for fifth place, which, it should be noted, whoever achieves victory will be able to go to the next Women's World Cup to be held in 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. It should be noted that only the first five teams qualify from CONMEBOL.