Billionaire Epstein wanted to create "superior humans" with his DNA and selected candidates

 Jender Milano
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The billionaire involved in trafficking and sexual abuse of minors had a certain unhealthy vision that made him think about creating a superior race with his DNA, such information comes from the hand of the New York Times. Some scientists linked to the billionaire gave this information to the well-known North American media.

Jaron Lainer, author of books inspired by the possible future, has assured that Epstein's actions are born from a real proposal that intended to create a very select sperm bank, the 1999 project contemplated storing the DNA of the Nobel winners to "guarantee the continuity of humanity" (and at the same time improve it).

Billionaire Epstein wanted to create "superior humans" with his DNA and selected candidates

Selected candidates would procreate in a "child factory"

Although it seems out of Hitler's mind, the billionaire really thought of creating a kind of children's factory by having his own ranch in New York, in this way the previously selected women, very beautiful and academically exceptional, would have their children in a number of 20 candidates at a time.

The vision of this sexual criminal was of him as a kind of ideal male source to improve the human race and among his plans he contemplated that his offspring spread throughout the land.

The specialist Steven Pinker, tells a curious anecdote about it, says that E pstein did not agree with world organizations fighting to improve health care for the poor or fight hunger, since this led to overpopulation. Always an academic, Pinker easily refuted the billionaire with facts and studies, and as a result was never invited to their dinners again.