Blake Bivens family murdered

Suria Ibañez
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Blake Bivens family murdered – News – WebMediums

Sometimes life plays tricks on us and makes the whole world come down on us just as the nightmare of gamer Blake Bivens began. The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team is mourning the death of the family of one of its players.

The news about the death of the wife, son and mother-in-law of Black Bivens was released, undoubtedly a fact that shocked everyone. Who could be cold-blooded enough to kill two women and a child? It is undoubtedly something difficult to assimilate because it is a multi-homicide.

The surprising thing about the situation was precisely the person who carried out this multi-homicide because it was nothing more and nothing less than the brother-in-law of Black Bivens, who would be the youngest son of his mother-in-law, his son's uncle and his wife's brother. Without a doubt it is something chilling because it would be believed that whoever harms you is a person outside your family nucleus.

The reasons why the young man named Matthew Bernard with an approximate age between 18 and 19 killed his family has not yet been clarified. However, it is presumed that the young man has a mental illness, regardless of whether that is true or not for now, the young man who murdered his family is already in custody.

Matthew tried to flee from the police, after committing the crime the young man ran naked but was caught. Matthew's family assures that they did not imagine it because Matthew was an incredible and devout boy of the Christian church, they even assured that sometimes he taught other young people. A cousin of Matthew was the one who declared that perhaps the reasons that led him to kill his family was the disease he suffered.

For now, friends and people close to Blake Bivens as well as his team have expressed that they share his sorrow and pain and accompany him in this difficult moment because without a doubt Blake loved his family.

Blake Bivens family murdered – News – WebMediums